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There's no telling - it'll depend too much on the degree of the slope, type of bike, and the rider's skill.

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Q: How fast will a 20kg cyclist go downhill?
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How fast can a human run going downhill?

we could go about 35mph when not going downhill you can go 28mph

How fast do downhill skis go?

over 100mph at least

How fast do cars go when downhill?

Whatever speed they're allowed by the driver of the vehicle.

How fast can the human body go downhill?

At about 180 mph if you fall out of an aeroplane with no parachute.

How fast do the riders in the tour de France go downhill?

50-55 MPH

How fast is a civic?

Dude it is an econobox not a racecar. Stickers and a shopping cart handle don't make it fast. About as fast as a shopping cart can go downhill

How fast is a 1995 suzuki quadrunner 250?

Not sure about a 95, but my 98 will go 60 downhill in 5th, 53ish flat in 5th, 45 downhill in 4th.

How fast can a taotao 49cc go?

stock and unmodified you may see 40MPH with a tailwind downhill.

How do skis help you to go fast downhill?

Yes, skis WILL help you get downhill faster if there is snow. You need to know how steep the hill is to know how fast you will go. If you add some ski wax to the bottom of your skis, you will go extra fast.

Does a heavy car go faster downhill that going uphill?

No the can go faster downhill or uphill

Is speed skiing an olymopic sport?

There is no such event as "speed skiing" but Downhill skiing is basically the equivalent. In downhill racers go through a set of gates which are spaced about 100 meters apart. The objective is to get down the mountain as fast as possible. The racers usually go up to 150mph down the hill.

How fast does the razor dirt rocket max 650 go?

well i own one and they'll hit 20mph. but downhill i've hit like 40mph!