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My 7 year old runs in Under 8s her 100m time is 21.02

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โˆ™ 2011-10-07 11:50:46
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Q: How fast should a 8 year old girl run a 100 meter sprint?
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How fast should a 10 year old girl run a 60 meter sprint?

10 seconds

What is a fast time for a 9 year old girl in 50 meter sprint race?

A fast time is probably 16 or 17 seconds!:)

What is the top 100 meter sprint time for a 12year old girl?

4 days

How fast should a 12 year old girl run the 100 meter dash?

The slowest a person should run is 15 seconds.

Fastest 200 meter sprint for a 9 year old girl?

around 28 or 29 seconds

How fast should a 15 year old girl run a 100 meter dash?

It depends, it could take 13-15 second.

How fast should a 9 year old girl run a 100 meter sprint?

Normally 9 year old girls wouldn't be running the 100 meter sprint but I happen to have a 9 year old sister who wanted to be like me so she tried sprinting the 100 meters and got an amazing 18.6 seconds but that is a lot faster than average as most 9 year old girls would probably do it in around the 24 second mark.

A sentence with the word Sprint?

The girl will sprint to the finish line.

Fastest 100 meter sprint for a 9 year old girl?

The world record for a 9-10 year old girl back in 1990 was 12.80 and yet to be broken...

Is 14.50 in the 100 meter fast for a ten year girl?

Yes it's a good score

What is the standard for a 13 year old girl in 100 meter sprint?

The standard for a 13 year old girl is around 12-13 seconds. It also depends on how good that girl is. I am in Track and Field and I do 100 meter sprints. My fastest time is 13.54 and I am 13. Most girls get around that time.

How fast should a fifteen year old girl run a mile?

Depends on how fast they are

How fast does a fresmen girl need to run a 400 meter dash?

At least a 1:02:00 or BELOW!!

Is a 7.2 55 meter time fast for a freshman?

For a girl yes. For a guy It is okay but could be a little better.

Womens 300 meter sprint world record holder?

The world record holder for a woman is a Mexican girl named Ana Guevara with a time of 35.30 seconds.

Is fourteen seconds a fast time for the 100 meter dash?

It would be fast if run by a boy younger than 10 or a girl younger than 12.

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How fast should an 8th grade girl run 3 laps?

6 minutes

What is a fast swim time 25 meter freestyle for a 6 year old girl?

I think anything under 30 seconds is pretty good.

What kind of times in the 100 meter-400 are fast enough to get a athletic scholarship?

For the 400m for a girl around just under a minute or a bit below that.

What is a good 800 meter dash time for a girl in the 6th grade?

depending on how fast you can run i'd say 3:00-3:30

Who is the young girl in the sprint framily plan commercial?

Ava kelly

Who is the girl in the flava flav sprint commercial?

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