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Q: How fast in minutes can a horse run two mile in a national hunt race?
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What is national hunt raceing?

horse racing

Where is the horse race grand national held?

Grand National is an annual hunt horse race which takes places in Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. It was first started in 1839.

What was the first name of English National Hunt horse trainer Ginger McCain who died in September 2011?


What sports are held at Cheltenham Gold Cup?

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a National Hunt horse race, which is held in Cheltenham, England.

When was Peculiarities of the National Hunt created?

Peculiarities of the National Hunt was created in 1995.

What is the duration of Peculiarities of the National Hunt?

The duration of Peculiarities of the National Hunt is 1.57 hours.

Where does a horse hunt?

Horses do not hunt they are herbavores. They eat plants and such. Not meat.

How do Siberian Husky hunt there pray?

they run fast to hunt it

What are the best horse breeding and genetic games?

Horse Eden Eventing, Hunt and Jump

Which horses are not known for hunting?

Well when hunting there are often jumps but they are always optional, so yoyu dont need horse that can jump. And there is basically always a slow group so the horse doesnt need to be too fast obviously it needs to be quite fit. So small ponies tend not to hunt like shetlands, and shires, clydesdales and other big heavy horses dont really hunt. But it depends on the horse personally rather than the breed. Some thoroughbreds can hunt fine but some it would be too dangerous.

Is horse racing difficult on the jockeys?

A Jockey's typical day racing is very hard, especially for National Hunt (jump) jockeys. They sometimes only get home at 12am then are back out again at 6am.

What animal did Native Americans use to hunt buffalo?

The horse.