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The winter sport skeleton sled goes up to 130 km. This sport involves speeding down the track head first.

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Q: How fast does the winter sport skeleton go?
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How fast do they go in the sport of skeleton?

approximately 80 mph!

How fast does the sport skeleton go?

Speeds on straightaways in skeleton can exceed 125 km/h (77 MPH).

What is the winter sport of a skelton and how fast do they go?

in the winter sport, skeleton, a single competitor rides head-first and prone (lying face down) on a flat sled. The small sled is known as a skeleton bobsled (or -sleigh).During elite racing, the competitor can experience forces up to 5 g and can reach speeds over 130 km/h (80 mph) - not a sport for the faint hearted!

How fast do you go in figure skating?

As fast as you go in any other sport.

What is the sport Bobsleigh?

It is a sport in which at least one person competes in (there can be at least 4 that I know of). It is a winter sport. There is the team and they push of their sled and slide down a track as fast as they can. Fastest time wins, ok go!

How fast do skeleton racers go?

80 miles per hour

How fast can you go in skeleton?

up to 140 kmph or 85 mph

How fast can a Maserati go?

GranTurismo Sport- 186mph

What winter olimpc sport uses the most energy and burns the most calors?

It is speed skating.The skater has to go as fast as they can .It is unknown which burns the most calories.

How fast can a range rover sport supercharge go?

they go up to about 165mph

How fast can the corvette grand sport go?

300 hundred mph

How skeleton is played?

Skeleton is played just like the luge and bobsleigh except it is a one man sport and you go around an ice track on a special board. Hope this helped.

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