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It depends on how fast the kid naturally runs. If they run really fast, it might be a 60 second half mile. If they run slow, it might be a 2-3 minute mile

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fastest 4 minute mile approx. 1 minute

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Q: How fast does a person run a quarter of a mile?
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How do you run a fast mile and a half run?

I am a mile runner and i took 3rd at district . And my way to run is to fast jog and then I suggest chase the person in front of you

How fast can a person run a mile?

It depends on the person. On one hand, a person has run a mile in 3minutes 43.13seconds . On the other hand, a lot of people can't run a mile at all.

How fast is a stock Acura Integra in a quarter mile?

stock it would run like a 14.3 on quarter mile at about 87 mph

How many quarter mile laps does a person need to run to complete 1 mile?


Fastest person to run the quarter mile?

Michael Johnson could run 400m (about a few meters shorter that a quarter mile) faster than anyone else.

What are the quarter horses?

Quarter horses are named that because they can run a Quarter of a mile really fast. They had races in the old days for a quarter of a mile and they would use Quarter horses for them. Now Quarter Horses aren't as popular for racing, because Thoroughbreds have better stamina.

How fast is the 2010 dodge srt8 challenger?

It will run a high 13 second quarter mile with the hemi engine.

How many laps must a person run around a quarter mile track to run 1600 meters?

Four times. 1 mile = 1609 meters

1997 camaro z28 run in the quarter mile?

Should run low 14 second quarter mile times.

How mph can quarter horses reach?

quarter horses have been clocked at 55mph (88.5k) in the quarter mile.

How fast can a lamborghini run the quarter mile?

The Aventador is the fastest ever at 10.9@133mph, slowest (Gallardo) will do around 11.6@124mph.

How fast should someone in the Olympics be able to run a mile?

a person in the Olympics of 2008 should be able to run the mile in about 3:50 or less to be competitive