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A new tennis ball will bounce higher. Old tennis balls are considered "dead."

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It depends on the quality and conditions of the tennis ball.

If the ball is used frequently, in the rain, or if it got wet, it could wear out in a few days.

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Q: How fast does a old tennis ball lose its bounce from a new tennis ball?
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How fast does a tennis ball lose its bounce?

depends on what height you drop it like 5 inches its 2 seconds

Does a tennis ball lose its bounce quicker when its wet?

Yes it does, the water accumulates in the ball, which causes it to get heavier and therefore doesn't bounce as high as a normal tennis ball. The ball also tends to slide on the courts when the ball hits the surface when hit with pace.

How quickly do tennis balls lose their bounce?

Tennis balls bounce because the air pressure inside is higher than the outside pressure. They begin to lose bounce as soon as removed from their pressure can. The alititude where the ball is played will affect the bounce. As they are played, they lose more bounce. Typically, they lose too much bounce to play after about 3 sets of recreational (amateur) tennis, or 8 games of professional tennis.

Why does a tennis ball lose its bounce when the can is opened?

because it looses all its air so it wont be able to bounce as high as it would normally do.

Which ball bounces the highest a tennis ball or a rubber ball?

According to an experiment for a school assignment that I for maths,a rubber ball bounces higher than a tennis ball- well the balls that I used. Here is a table in which I collected my data. These balls were dropped from one (1) meter, the bounce back has been recorded. I hope this will help you! :)Test No.Rubber BallTennis BallTest 165cm49cmTest 276cm50cmTest 376cm49cmTest 479cm52cmTest 572cm55cmTest 673cm50cmTest 775cm55cmTest 877cm54cmTest 974cm56cmTest 1079cm58cmAverage74.6cm53.2cm

How does temperature changes elastic properties of tennis ball?

If the weather is cold the ball may harden and become stiff, this makes the ball have less pop and results in a slower playing ball. If the weather is warm then the ball will become more elastic and bounce higher. If the ball is sat outside for extended periods of time the constant cooling and warming of the ball will cause the rubber to lose its form and become flat with no bounce.

What if you get hit with the tennis ball?

You lose the point and your opponent wins the point.

Are table tennis and tennis the same?

similar, but not the same, no. for example, when serving in table tennis, the ball must hit YOUR side of the table, bounce over the net and then hit your opponents side. in regular tennis, it just needs to hit your opponent's side. the rules that are the same include: the ball must not bounce more than once on your side of the net, or you lose that point you may not hit the ball more than once when it is on you side of the net (meaning, if you hit it into the air straight up, you may not then hit it again to try to get it over the net) serving is done behind the back line, and must be done from one quadrant of the court (or table) and needs to bounce on the quadrant kitty-corner from the serving quadrant.

What is the general term used for a double dribble in basketball or if you just lose the ball out-of-bounds?

A general term to use to say that the ball is out of bounce is that the ball is out of the area you are playing in.

Why do tennis balls lose their bounce when they get wet?

A tennis ball is essentially a pressurized rubber ball covered with cloth. The rubber is not completely impermeable, however, and slowly leaks over time, just like a latex balloon eventually loses its air. Also, the rubber loses some of its elasticity, although that effect is probably negligible, inasmuch as even unused tennis balls that have been removed from their pressure pack become "dead."

How does 'nanosize' layer make the tennis ball last longer?

The tennis balls nanosize butyl rubber layer slows down the escape of air so the ball doesn't lose its pressure as quickly

What makes a basketball bounce higher?

when more pressure is applied to a basketball the ball bounces higher. your strength matters. if your strong, you throw the ball on the ground with all your might it will go very high. air inside the ball also matters. if 3/4 of the ball or less is full the ball will barely bounce. in fact there are chances it will not bounce at all no matter how strong you are. you need to make sure that the ball is full of air if you want it to bounce