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No such thing as a 5-stroke dirtbike.

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Q: How fast does a 5 stroke dirt bike go?
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How fast will the 65 2-stroke dirt bike go?

Haw fadt is a 65 2 stroke dirt bick

How fast can a 2 stroke 450 dirt bike go?

100 mph

How fast can a 250 2 stroke dirt bike go?

About 85 90 mph

How fast does a suzuki 125 2 stroke dirt bike go?

50mph to 75mph it depends on the condition of bike.

How fast will a cr 450 go?

A Cr450, four stroke dirt bike, should go about 70 mph.

How fast can a 85cc 2 stroke dirt bike go with aftermarket parts?

they can go pretty fast. they will beat a Yamaha blaster 200

How fast does a 110 cc 4 stroke dirt bike go?

a 110 cc dirt bike goes around 40 or 50 up to 60 or 65 mph

How fast can an Apollo Orion 250 cc dirt bike go?

how fast does 250cc Orion dirt bike go

Can a four stroke 125 dirt bike go on the dunes?


How fast can an 85 cc 2-stroke dirt bike go?

700mph on a bad day on a good day about 1000mph

How fast will a crf650 dirt bike go?

fast enough

How fast does a 700cc dirt bike go?


How fast can a 80cc dirt bike go?

about 60mph

How fast can a 140cc dirt bike go?


How fast does a 200cc dirt bike go?


How fast does a 160cc dirt bike go?


How fast does a 150cc dirt bike go?

about 60mph

How fast can a 50 dirt bike go?

about 40mph

How fast will a 180cc dirt bike go?


How fast is a 110cc racing dirt bike go?

it all dipends on the bike

How fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?

A 70cc dirt bike will achieve a top speed of around 40mph

How fast will a 80cc dirt bike go with a 160lb rider?

not very fast

How fast does a Honda xr70 dirt bike go?

55 to 60 its fast

How fast does the Coleman cc mini bike go?

How fast does a Coleman 100 cc 2 stroke mini bike go

How fast can a 250cc dirt bike go?

90 mph