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90-100 mph

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Q: How fast do you need to throw a baseball for it to go 100 yards?
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Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

How fast should a 15 year old pitch a baseball?

I heard at my school's freshmen baseball team, you should pitch around 70 mph, so I guess around 70 or more. First off it is not always about velocity. Understanding location. having movement and changing speeds is equally if not more important when playing high school ball or any level ball for that fact. Having said that, as a trainer of pitchers it is equally important that you have the proper mechanics that will allow you to throw more than a couple innings and maintain both movement and location. But if you are looking for an answer on velocity, I have trained 12 year olds that throw in the upper 60 low 70s and I have trained very dominate pitchers who are 15 and 16 who throw in the mid 70s and low 70s but have great plate presence and an off speed pitch that makes their fast ball seem like it is 10 miles an hour fast than it is. If I can give you one piece of advice, Learn how to throw the pitch you need that gets the result you want. If that is a ground ball to short or a pop up to the infield than that is when you become a pitcher. Strike outs happen, inning ending double plays are created. If you learn this, you will be successful as a pitcher.

What do you need to learn how to play association football?

You need to learn how to be tough and you need to be strong.And to be fast.

What things do football players need?

You need swagger, confidence, you definitely need to be Athletic, a great teammate, and needs to be football smart. It depends on where you play at physically wise, QB needs to be smart, a role model, and can throw. rb needs to be fast or can truck. TE/WR they both need to catch, TEs might need to block, and normally they are a little bit bigger than the WRs, WRs are faster, but TEs are big targets

How do you take stats at a football game?

To keep stats for a football game you first need the roster of the team. It is best to keep the offensive and defensive teams separated on your stat sheet. For the offensive side you will need to keep track of all pass attempts, completions, completion percentage, passes deflected, interceptions, touchdown passes, passing yards, quarterback rating, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, fumbles, receptions, receiving yards, return yards, receiving touchdowns, field goals and extra points. For the defensive side you keep track of both solo and team tackles and sacks, interceptions, fumbles, recoveries, touchdown, deflected passes and punted yards.

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How can you become a pitcher in baseball?

you half to have accuracy, and be able to throw fast and throw different types like a curv, or fastballs, or stuff like sliders. I agree with that but when you get that you need to show it off in front of your coach.

What muscle do you need to pitch for baseball?

A pitcher generates the power for his pitches through his legs. They then release that power in the throw. A pitcher uses almost every muscle in his body at some point during the preparation and execution of a pitch.

Does age affect how high you can throw a baseball?

no. i think you just need to be fit, and know what you are doing.

How do yo calculate area?

I need to calculate the area of a baseball diamond (90x4) and convert it to square yards

How do you throw multiple proximity mines on James Bond Quantom of Solace?

well you need to hack a computer but before you do that you need to throw a proximity mine then hack the computer fast. once you do that stop hacking and your ammo is proxcimity mines

How is geometry used in baseball?

Geometry is used in baseball in the shape of the field and diamond. It is also used when players decide where they need to throw the ball.

Soccer is better than baseball?

Baseball is better because in soccer all you do is kick the ball. In baseball you need to be able to catch, throw, and hit properly not just kick.

What abilites do you need to play baseball?

know how to throw, catch, hit, run, and be smart. Know where to throw the ball next play and where to be. KNow everything that is going on. NEVER miss a sign from your coach.

How many square yards does a cow need to eat?

They need to eat 2 square yards.

How many yards of cement do you need for a 20x20x6 pad?

You will need a minimum of 7.41 cubic yards.

How many yards of carpet do you need for 1500 square feet?

You need 166.66 square yards of carpet.

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