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You must maintain an average of 10 mph for one mile.

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Q: How fast do you have to be running for a six minute mile?
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If Im running for five minutes how many miles per hour would you have to run to make it six minute mile pace?

It doesn't matter how long you run for, only that you want to run at one speed, a six minute mile. In other words, your six minute mile is that speed in your first through fifth, and every minute after that. The math... a six minute mile is one mile per six minutes which equals 10 miles for every sixty minutes, or ten miles per hour.

How fast must you run to do a six minute mile?

Your average speed must be at least 10 mph

When was the six minute mile run time barrier broken?

You're thinking of the four minute mile. Many can run six minute miles.

How fast is a six minute mile?

in terms of speed, 10 mph. in terms of 400 splits, 1:30 for each 400.

If you ran 3 miles in 30 min how fast was you going?

That's a ten-minute mile, or six miles per hour.

Is running 10 miles in a hour fast?

it's pretty good. that means you can run a mile in six minutes consistently.

How long should it take a fifth grader to run a mile?

It takes me 10 minutes but I'm training for a race so I'm used to running.

Is a six minute mile good for a 9-year-old?


What is the treadmill pace to run a 15 minute mile and a half?

Six mph.

How many calories can you burn in a six mile run?

it depends on how fast you run...

What is the standard time for 17 year old girl running mile?

That's a rather complicated question and has more to do with your conditioning than anything. If you do not run (or work out, swim, etc) other than whenever you run the mile, it can be upwards of the ten minute range. Medium amounts of running (by yourself a mile or three a couple times a week) or other physical exercise (though this might not be as effective) should work you into about the 7-8 or so minute range. Working out with others (which helps) five times a week, varying workout, etc.-which is easier if you are running on a cross-country or track team-might get you down to the six or even five minute range. But remember, some people are made so that they run fast. It is part of who they are. Some people need to work a lot to run very fast, and some are not built for running. What really matters is the effort that you put in. If you are working out, the mentality that you bring and the willingness to try and work at it. If you are just running the mile, the attitude that you are going to give it what you can is what really matters-times are different for everyone, but dedication is universal.

What is the above average time to run a mile?

The average time for a mile is about 8 minutes, for runners its 6 minutes, so a sub six minute mile is good for a runner and a sub seven for nonrunners.

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