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In my opinion, 12 year old shouldn't pitch the ball fast. Hard but not fast! In other words, don't hold back but don't strain either. You have plenty of time to develop speed once your body is developed. Concentrate on good fielding and ball contact when batting and your set for huge future in fpsoftball. A glove is 10 times better than a bat or a pitch.

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An average 12 year old pitcher is about 45 to 48 mph

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A 12 year old girl should be anywhere from 40-47mph.

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it all depends on how long the person has been pitching for. if you have been pitching since a young age it should be mid to high 40's at the least , if you throw faster than that great (:

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Q: How fast do most 12 year old girls pitch?
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How fast do 13 year old girls pitch softballs?

Honestly, It depends on the girl. Some don't even pitch 40, while others pitch nearly 60.

What year was fast pitch softball invented?

1911 approximately

How fast does17 year old pitch?

Should pitch at least 75 at high 80

How fast does the average 10 year old girl pitch?

A 10 year old girl should pitch about 40-55mph.

When did women's fast pitch debut as an Olympic sport?

The year was 1991

How fast can a nine year old pitch?

38-45 mph

how fast was the fastest 14 year old girls 100 meter dash?

11.6 Seconds

What age group uses an 11 inch softball for fast pitch?

9 and 10 year olds.

Does a pitcher train differently from players?

I know a pitcher trains year round for fast pitch softball. There are different drills that they do and most throw at least 100 pitches every day.

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How fast can a 30 year old pitch?

100.9 MPH. Nolan Ryan holds the record. He did in 1974 when he was 27 years old. He most likely could throw this fast at 30 years old because he pitched until he was 46 years old.