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the speed of a ball all deends on how fast you roll it, what its mass is, and the incline.The faster you roll it, the steeper the incline is, and the greater the mass will all make it faster

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Which golf balls have the least amount of roll for fast greens?

The Titleist Pro balls have very little roll but won't do so well in the rough.

How fast can a kiwi roll?

How ever fast you roll it is how fast it will roll ...

Why do things roll?

why do balls roll

Why do balls roll?

because the air makes it sliipery for it to roll

What is rock and roll?

rock and roll is a fast type of music rock and roll is a fast type of music

Do heavy balls roll further than light balls?

In sand they don't.

How fast do marbles roll?

As fast as you throw them...

Do syrean hamsters roll in hamster balls?

yeah all hamsters like balls

Where can you buy fast balls on soul silver?

U can't buy fast balls but u can buy quick balls or maybe get them out of apricorns

Do gerbils roll in hamster balls?

yes they can i have ten gerbils and they all love to roll around in it:)

How fast are soccer balls?

as fast as you want to kick it dingbat

What are those big plastic balls that you can get inside and roll downhill called?

There are a number of names for the balls - generally they are called zorbing balls or OGOs.

What do caterpillars roll up into?

Caterpillars sometimes roll up into balls. They roll up as a way to try and remain hidden or defend themselves.

Where can you get fast balls in HeartGold?

get some white apricorn and bring em to kurt.the next day itll be fast balls.

What are some facts about armadillos?

they roll up into balls when in danger

What are the things called that the balls roll into on a snooker table?


What are some adaptations are for the armadillo lizard?

They have shells that can roll them into balls.

How do you use ying yang balls?

To use ying-yang balls, you simply put both balls in one hand, then roll them around with your fingers.

Why does a ball roll down hill?

Balls roll down hills because of gravity. The Earth attracts the ball.

Do the Titleist Pro V1 balls roll strait?

The Titleist Pro V1 both roll and fly straight.

How much is a strike worth?

Ten points plus the pins of the next two balls you roll. It could be as little as ten (if you roll two gutter balls) and as high as 30 if you get two strikes.

How do soccer balls work?

by the force of the persons leg to make it roll

What is a shape with 1 flat side and it could roll?

'cheese balls'

What is a good figurative language for Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

my balls

What is the present tense of to roll?

roll / rolls / rolling The balls roll along a channel The car rolls down the road, hits the bus and bursts into flames. Are we rolling?