How fast can the invert mini shoot?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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25 balls per second.

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Q: How fast can the invert mini shoot?
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Do you have to use an electric hopper in an invert mini?

No but not using one can make you're gun jam and not shoot as fast

Does a invert mini need a battery to shoot?

Yes, without a battery, the electric bolt will not cycle and the gun will not fire.

Is the empire mini the same as the invert mini?

Yes but invert is a more reliable company.

How fast can a mini gun shoot?

@50rounds a second.

Is invert mini paintball gun automatic?

The invert mini HAS an automatic mode, but is preset to semi-automatic.

What is better co2 or compressed air for invert mini?

The invert mini can only run on HPA. Using Co2 can damage the regulator and solenoid

Does the invert mini need batteries?

yes the invert mini takes 1 9v battery. it is in the grip frame. you should get a 9v with the gun/

Which one is better the g3 or the invert mini?

i would get the invert mini because it is easy to work and it comes with everything you need and it costs the same as the g3 it is not that much money but still a good gun. The invert mini Is also has no macroline and has a smaller frame.

What fps does a normal invert mini have?

a inert mini has about 273 fps i have one

Dusted invert mini?

Stpid question you can't answer that.

Does the invert mini run out of battery and do I have to have a charger to charge my invert mini battery?

Yes it runs on batteries. It uses 9 volt batteries. You can use either disposable or rechargeable.

Can the mini invert use Co2?

No, An Invert Mini is a high pressure system, therefore it's internals and ASA must use a high pressure tank (nitro tank).