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maximum a fast bowler can bowl with a speed about 140-160 kms/hour

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Q: How fast can a cricket ball go?
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What are some differences between baseball and Cricket?

In baseball the ball does not bounce, but in cricket the ball usaly bounces. And cricket fast bowlers have a run up, but base ball pitchers do not.

How to use cricket ball?

go for cricket coaching first there they will teach you how to use a cricket ball

How fast is a cricket ball that is hit?

90 mph

What are two ways a ball could be bowled in cricket?

Spin and Fast

Who bowled the fast ball bowled in test in cricket?

Shoaib Akhter

What is the difference between a slow pitch and a fast pitch in cricket?

a slow pitch is when the pitch is softer and the turf soaks up the force of the ball making it slower and a fast pitch is when the pitch is hard and the ball bounces off like concrete making it go faster

What material use for cricket ball?

basically the cricket ball is made of cork and leather ,to make one? go ask again.

What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

Cricket how could to fast ball?

The quickest bowlers get up to low 90's mph

How do you grip a ball when playing cricket?

holding the seam when bowling fast and cross seam for spinners

What is bigger a tennis ball or a cricket ball?

cricket ball is bigger

Which has more inertia-a cricket ball or a rubber ball?

cricket ball

What are the kind of games using a ball?

dodge ball...basket ball...foot i have to go on?

What is the hardness of a baseball and a cricket ball?

cricket ball

What type of cricket shot do you play against fast bowlers?

It depends on what sort of ball it is, as in where it pitches, and what the match status is.

What bones are used when bowling a cricket ball?

what bones are used for when bowling a cricket ball

What hits the ground earlier a cricket ball or a pingpong ball?

Cricket Ball yaar

How is a Cricket ball different from a Football?

Just size of the ball and cricket ball has a seam.

How many ways can a cricket ball be bowled?

A cricket ball can be bowl in two ways in cricket.

How heavy is a cricket ball?

Cricket ball is of 155.9 to 164gm.

What has smaller mass cricket ball or balloon?

cricket ball

Where do you get fast balls on Pokemon Crystal?

you'll need a white apricorn to make fast ball, then go to Kurt to make it a fast ball.

What is the cheats for cann cricket?

cann mav chaz stinky trev kempy jg pete sofa cool rowie killer slow (for all slow ball) fast (for all fast ball) spin (for all spin ball) twenty (for all 20 overs slog)

What is the circumference of a cricket ball?

circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!! circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!!