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On average a slapshotted hockey puck travels 125 MPH

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Q: How fast a slap shotted hockey puck moves?
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What game the puck is used?

a puck

What is the thing that you hit in hockey called?

A hockey puck

What is important about hockey?

THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

How does inertia affect the motion of a hockey puck?

If a puck is placed on the ice so that it isn't moving it will stay where it is placed. That's inertia.If a player whacks the puck straight for the net and no other player gets in the way then the puck will go into the net. The only thing that could slow the puck would be the tiny friction between the ice and the puck but that doesn't amount to much. The air turbulence around a puck must have a slight effect too. But the overall straight line trajectory of the puck is inertia too.In ordinary life, things 'at rest stay at rest' and things that are moving move in straight lines unless additional forces act on those things.

Which of these things found on the Olympics moves fastest ice hockey puck bobsled or speed skier?


How fast can Zdeno Chara shoot the hockey puck?

His record is 105.9 miles per hour.

What was the original hockey puck made from?

The original hockey puck was made from rubber. Rubber is a durable material that is able to withstand the impact and friction of being used in a fast-paced game like hockey.

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

In which sport do you play with a puck?

The Game of Ice hockey is played with a Puck.

What is a puck stopper in ice hockey?

A puck stopper is another name for a goaltender in hockey.

How much is a Kyle Okposo signed hockey hockey puck worth?

A Kyle Okpososinged hockey puck is worth 500$

The radius of a hockey puck is 1.5 inches. what is the area of the surface of the hockey puck?

The surface area also depends on the thickness of the puck.