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only 310-315 feet from home plate

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Q: How far would a ball travel if hit on a home run over the Green Monster?
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Air pressure effect on the distance a soccer ball travels?

the more air that is in the ball is how far it will travel, for example a flat ball will not travel as far as a pumped ball. why? because the bounciness of the ball would not be used when it is not pumped however this is not really so as if a ball is pumped up to the point that it is hard it will not travel as far as it would if you released some of the air out of it. every ball that needs air to work has an optimal psi if a ball is pumped to that psi it will travel by far the best than below or above.

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You place a coin behind your ball, if they played away and hit your ball they would receive a two shot penalty- they would then have to play their ball as it lies and you would have to replace your ball.