How far will Argentina get in the rugby world cup?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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i think so Argentina will come in the next to next Rugby worlcup .

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Q: How far will Argentina get in the rugby world cup?
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How many FIFA World Cup wins does Argentina have?

Argentina have won the world cup only twice.

How far will the US get in the rugby union world cup?

They will not proceed beyond the Pool stage

Who hosts the world cup in 2025?

There is no FIFA World Cup or Rugby World Cup in 2025. Venues for tournaments that far in the future would not yet have been decided in any case.

How many goals did Argentina score in world cup?

2 goals so far this tournament.

How many time has Argentina won he world cup before 2002?

Argentina have won only two world cups so far once in 1978 and in 1986.

How many Games have Argentina played in the rugby world cup 2011 so far?

They have played 4 matches up to and including 7-10-2011 their next game is against the All Blacks on 9/10/2011

Is Argentina or Brazil the best soccer team in the world?

Brazil ios by far better football playing country then Argentina, as Brazil have won the world cup 5 times, and Argentina have won it only twice.

How many FIFA Cups has Argentina won?

Argentina has so far won the FIFA World Cup twice; once in 1978 and the second time in 1986.

What are all the years the rugby world cup has been hosted?

The Rugby World Cup has been held 6 times so far. The first one was held in 1987, and every four years after, so 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

Has Portugal been to the rugby world cup?

AS of 2015, no they have not attended as a playing team.

Have All Blacks won the Rugby world cup more than once?

No one, Australia and SOuth Africa have one it twice

Who are wining the world cup so far?

A little hard to tel so far because most teams have only played one game. But, so far Argentina has 6 points.