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It depends.

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Q: How far should the average ten year old run every day?
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What is the thing that comes once in an year but four times in a day hint is H D A Z?

The question is worded wrong. It should be "once in every year". And it should be "four times in an average day". The answer is "A". yeAr An AverAge dAy.

What is the thing which comes 'once in a year' 'one 'four times in a day?

Actually you got the question wrong. It should have been, - "what comes once in every year but four times in an average day". Then the answer is the letter "A". Like this- "every yeAr" & "An AverAge dAy".

What comes once in a year and 4 times a day?

You didn't write the question properly- What comes once every year and 4 times in an average year? The Answer: The Letter A every yeAr An AverAge dAy

How many questions does the average four year old ask every day?

The average four year-old child asks about four hundred questions every day.

What does the average person does this 5 times a year?

Every year the average person pees 4 times a day

How many times a year does Earth Day occur?

Once a year, but it should be every day.

What comes once in a year but four times in day?

A very badly mangled puzzle. It usually depends on a precise formulation of the puzzle and tends to be the letter 'a' when asked like "What comes once in every year, but four times in an average day?" So it is one A in 'every yeAr' and four A in 'An AvergAge dAy'. Note that this should be phrased as 'every year', not 'a year' to work.

How much should the average kid exercise every day?

The average child should exercise aproximatly 60 minutes (1 hour) a day.

How many times a year does the average person their pants?

Every single day

How many days are in a year on average?

In every year there is auctually 365 and 1 quarter day, Every four years there is 366 days in one year to catch up time wise, that's why there is 29 days in February every leap year not 28 days. so on average there is 365 and 1 quarter day every year.

On average what number calories should a 14 year old eate in a day?

on average a teenager should eat about 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day.

How many people die every year due to collision?

An average of 114 people every day in the U.S.

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