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You should stand opposite the other player. So, that means that if the server is standing on your left sideof the court, you will stand on the right side of the court. Hope my answer helped!

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Q: How far part should your feet be when waiting for the ball in tennis?
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How far should a tennis ball launcher shoot a ball using a half ounce of lighter fluid?

it can go 3 feet. 10 feet if its a full ounce.

How high does a tennis ball bounce on tile?

about 5.6 feet.

How high will a tennis ball bounce when dropped from 5 feet?

15 in.

How high will a tennis ball bounce when dropped from 8 feet?

it depense what kind of serface it is but if its hard it will go from 6 to 7 feet

What is soccer tennis?

Soccer tennis is when you have a tennis net and you volley a soccer ball with your feet over the net to the other player. Whoever messes up or hits the net losses a point.

What should be the perimeter of a tennis court?

According to the rules laid down by the International Tennis Federation, the playing area of a tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide (for doubles), which gives it a perimeter of 228 feet.

What bones are used to serve in tennis?

Technically speaking, all human bones are used to serve a tennis ball, since the player must be upright, standing on his/her feet, and use his/her entire body's momentum to propel the ball.

What is the length and width of a doubles tennis court?

A doubles tennis court is 78 feet by 36 feet; one side of the tennis court is 39 feet by 36 feet. A singles tennis court is 78 feet by 27 feet.

How many feet should the centre of the net on a tennis court measure?

is it 169

How high will a tennis ball bounce from 5 ft?

well, it all depends on how dead or new the ball is. If it is fresh, it will bounce about 3 1/2 feet.

What is the difference between soccer and tennis?

There are numerous differences between the two sports the most profound of which is that in Soccer players strike the ball with their feet whilst in Tennis players strike the ball with a item of sports equipment known as a racket

How many feet is a tennis court?

A tennis court is 78 feet long.

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