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most courts have the volleyball lines with white all around some have yellow or blue maybe but most is white and its inside the Basketball court but if the ball goes outside the white lines then its out so its kind of the side line but more closer to the line a little

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the out of bounce line is just behind the net and directly infront of the setter. it is often left out and does not count as a main rule in the game.

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Q: How far is the out of bounce line in volleyball?
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The line on the side of the volleyball court?

it is the out of bounce line, if the top of the ball hits the line, the ball is in

What is the name of the game played on a volleyball court with a volleyball but it has to bounce before you hit it?

Volleyball Tennis

How does a volleyball bounce in beach volleyball?

it doesn't. you can't let it touch the ground

How far is the attack line from the center line in volleyball measured in meters?

3.048 meters (10 feet)

How far is a volleyball net?


What does a volleyball do?

Volleyball is a ball that takes ver hard hits. This is a tough question. They do bounce and take very hard hittings.

In volleyball the attack line is how far from the center line?

Well.... it scores the points, most of the time.

What is VSA in volleyball?

VSA in volleyball is a team. Volleyball of South Africa,or Volleyball of South Australia.That's as far as I have known...

Why doesn't light travel as straight or far in water as in air?

There are more things for the light waves to bounce off of in water, so light can not travel in a straight line or as far.

How far back is the serving line for middle school on an indoor volleyball court?

You use the same service line as any other age. It never changes officially.

What is the 10ft line for in beach volleyball?

There is no 10ft line in beach volleyball, but in indoor it is to ensure that the backrow players are attacking from behind it

Is there an attack line in beach volleyball?