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23 feet 9 inches from the center of the basket to behind the arc.

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Q: How far is the men's professional basketball three point line?
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Did most professional basketball players shoot above their heads when they were young?

the three-point line the three-point line

Has the three point line affect basketball?

Well, I think you mean what is the three point line... well the three point line in basketball is a designated arc line radiating from the basket. If a player shoots beyond the three point line, it counts as three points while if you shoot inside the three point line, it only counts as two points.

Three point line basketball?

The three point line is a line around the perimeter that if you shoot out of it and make it, it counts as 3 points.

How do you make a 3 in basketball?

shoot beyond the three point line

Is there a different three point line for women's and men's basketball?


What do you use to paint the three point line on a basketball court?


What are the parts of a basketball court?

The parts of the basketball court are: the three-point line, the key, the base line, the free throw line, the sideline and the half-court line.

What was the basketball 3-pt line used for before it represented the 3-pt line?

Prior to the three point shot being implemented, there was no three point line on the court.

I just dont get it. What the heck is a goal in basketball?

There are no "goals" in basketball. You score by making a two-pointer (inside the three-point line), a three-pointer outside of the three point line), or a free throw which is worth one point( you get those if you get fouled inside the paint).

What is the from the three point line to the basket in high school basketball?

31 feet

How far is the sixth grade basketball three point line?

20 feet

What is the distance of the three point line of a basketball game?

like 3 feet