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the three-point line the three-point line

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Q: Did most professional basketball players shoot above their heads when they were young?
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What does the phrase take it to the hoop mean?

This is a basketball slang. The hoop is the goal in the game, fastened on a board above the players' heads at either end of the basketball court. If you take something to the hoop, you are successful and drive whatever it is all the way to the goal.

Do professional cello players count in their heads?

they sometimes will count the first couple beats outloud so everyone else knows the tempo-and then count the rest of the song in their heads

Who were the All-American Red Heads?

The All American Red Heads were a professional women's basketball team. They were formed in 1936 and played until 1986. The team got their name from the wife of the teams creator who owned several hair salons in the southern US.

Can you get HIV if a person is sweating and you are playing basketball and you bump heads?

No, you can't get HIV from sweat and bumping heads.

Why do football players were the helmet?

To protect their heads!

Why do soccer players do well in math?

They use their heads

How can your players on NBA 2k9 have no heads?

its impossible not to have a head you have to have one

Make a sentence using the word above?

The building rose high above their heads. He was the manager directly above him.

In water polo why is it important to swim with their heads above water?

The reason why it is important to swim with your head above water is so you can easily see the positioning of other players while swimming. If you swim with your head in the water, you will not recognise a scoring opportunity immediately and you will not be able to see where your opponents and team mates are.

Can a service team front row players have their hands over their heads?

Yes, they can

Did football players always wear helmets?

Yes to. Keep. Their. Heads. Safe

What does the name sky mean?

blue as the sky above are heads :)

In Texas Hold'em players who are heads up do they have to show both cards in their hand?

Yes, they do.

Why did hockey players begin to wear helmets while playing?

To protect their heads from injuries.

Do swans breathe with their heads under water?

No, swans have lungs just like you and I and can only breathe air when their heads are above the water.

The ozone layer is about 20 km above our heads?

Yes, this is true. About 20 km above is the ozone layer.

Good sentence using the word above?

"He went above and beyond the call of duty." "The kite soared far above our heads."

Why were the football players back then called leather-heads?

Because their helmets were made out of leather, and the players who played the game were really tough men. Physically and mentally.

What do people do with their arms when they say banzai?

they would raise them above their heads

What 3 words appeared above the apostles heads?

Tongues of fire

Why saints are usually pictured with such a light above their heads?

Because they are the angels.

Why would some Dallas Cowboys players wear dark helmets?

Probably to protect their heads.

What are the main causes of brain damage in athletes?

The most common cause of brain damage in athletes is a concussion. Concussions can happen when players butt heads as in football, use their heads to hit the ball as in soccer, or hit their heads on a playing surface after a fall.

What does it mean to be heads and tails above the crowd?

Nothing. The correct expression is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the crowd - it's as if you were so tall that you were that far above everyone else.

How many ears do bunnies have?

2 on on each side of their heads, above their eyes