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it is 26miles and its 26 miles because thats what a marathon is.

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2012-08-17 21:53:00
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Q: How far is the marathon and why is it that distance?
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How far is a half marathon run?

21,097.5 metres (half the distance of a normal marathon).

How far do the runners have to run in the Chicago Marathon?

Runners in the Chicago Marathon complete 26.2 miles. This is the standard marathon distance. They Chicago Marathon also offers a half marathon option which is 13.1 miles.

How far was the first marathon?

Supposedly the first marathon was 26 miles by a Greek runner from Marathon to Athens. In 1921 the present distance of 26 miles 385 yards was standardized.

What is the minimum distance of a marathon?

A marathon is a fixed distance of 26.2 miles. Any other distance, whether shorter or longer, can not be properly called a marathon.

How far is Marathon Florida from naples Florida?

Marathon in the Keys? According to, the distance between Marathon FL and Naples FL is 218.49 miles or approx. 3 hours 47 minutes drive time.

Why is a marathon that exact distance?

its the distance between two places marathon and another start and finish.

Worlds fastest marathon?

A marathon is a measure of distance not time.

How far is the marathon?

The marathon is 42 Km long

What is the driving distance from Marathon to Homestead?

The driving distance from Marathon, FL to Homestead, FL is 80 miles.

What is the distance of an Olympic marathon?

A marathon is 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers).

What is the reason why the marathon is 42 km long?

a marathon is how far?

Length of marathon race?

A marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards. In kilometers the distance of a marathon is 42.19. The marathon is an Olympic event.

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