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Glen Hellen is the longst Motocross track in professional racing! The track streches a good three in a half miles. Glen Hellen is the longst motocross track in professional racing! The track streches a good three in a half miles.

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Q: How far is the average motocross track?
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What is the safest track in motocross?

its not that the tracks are safe or not its how safe you ride the track

What is is motocross?

Motocross is a form of dirt bike racing that is held on a outdoor track.

When was the first race held at unadilla motocross track?


How old do you to go to builth wells motocross practice track?


KX125 better for trails or track?

While you can trail ride a KX 125, it is better suited on a motocross track.

How was motocross originated?

people were using olden day bikes a the dirt track doing burnout and jumps then motor came to life and they started to do motocross

What is the hardest part of a Motocross Track?

The Rhythm sections or the whoop-tee-do's.

Is there a Motocross track in gta 4?

There isn't i don't think There isn't i don't think

What is MX?

MX stands for motocross, which is a bunch of ATVs or 2 wheelers that race on a track.

What is the average length of a motorcycle?

normally Motocross around 140-170cm

Is the crf 150r a trailbike?

No a crf 150r is not a trailbike it's a race bike for motocross but it can still be used on the trails but yet it will not handle as good as it would on a motocross track

How did loretta Lynn get involved in motocross?

The story I heard back years ago is that she had sons that loved to race motocross so she built them a track and it bloomed from there in the early 80's