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Now 43 ft

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Q: How far is it from pitchers mound to homeplate in fast pitch softball?
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Related questions

In mens softball how far is the pitchers mound to home plate?

50 feet for slow pitch softball, 46 feet for fast pitch.

What is the Distance from home to pitchers mound in slow pitch softball?

45 feet

What is the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate in Fast-pitch Softball?

35-40 feet.

How far is it from home plate to pitchers mound in women's fast pitch softball?

43 feet

How many feet from home plate to the pitcher's mound in under 10 years old softball?

The length from homeplate to the pitcher's mound in 10U fast-pitch is 35-40 feet. It depends on your league.

What is the distance from home plate to the pitchers mound in slow pitch softball?

According to the National Softball Association rulebook, Women's Adult Slow Pitch Divisions shall have a pitching distance of 53 feet.

How for do college softball pitchers pitch from?

43 feet

Fast pitch softball distance between homeplate and first base?

60 feet

What is the differences between softball and basball?

In softball, the ball is bigger. Baseball pitchers pitch the ball overhand while softball pitchers pitch underhand. Baseball is more of a boys sport and softball is generally more for girls.

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

Softball has girls playing. Baseball has boys playing. The softball is 2 as big as a baseball. Girl Pitchers pitch underarm boy pitchers pitch over hand.

What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.

How fast does a college softball pitcher pitch?

College softball pitchers, pitch anywhere from 50mph to about 70mph. But 70mph is about the fastest.

How many feet is the pitchers mound from home plate for girls fast pitch softball?

10u 35 feet, 12u 40 feet and upper ages is 43 feet.

What is the Distance from home to pitchers mound in fast pitch softball?

It is 60 feet from home to first on a softball field. It is the same distance between all the bases. The pitcher's mound is 40 to 43 feet way depending on the level of competition. The depth of the outfield varies from field to field.

What is a 65 mph softball equal to in baseball?

Softball pitchers pitch from 43 feet, while baseball pitchers pitch from 60.5 feet. Therefore, A 65 mph softball pitch is equivalent to a 91 mph baseball pitch. Each reaction time is approx .45 seconds.

How far is it from home plate to the pitchers mound for high school girls fast pitch softball?

40 feet in most states. In College and for some Hich schools it is 43 feet.

What is the height of the pitching mound in womens fast pitch softball?

There is no pitcher's mound in softball, just a flat plate. In fast pitch softball, a circle with an 8 foot radius is drawn around the plate. Also see the related question.

How many seconds did it take Nolan Ryan's 100.9 mph pitch to reach home plate from the pitchers mound?

A 100.9 mph pitch would reach homeplate in .41 seconds. A 90 mile per hour fastball would take an extra .04 seconds.

How far is pitcher mound from plate in womens softball?

43 feet in fast pitch

How far is it from the pitchers mount to home plate in softball?

Well, if you are in Fast Pitch- 40 feet

How far is the softball mound from home plate for elementary children's softball?

For boys under 15 the pitcher's mound is 46 feet from home plate. For girls, it's forty feet for fast pitch and fifty feet for slow pitch.

Can a pitcher in little league fast pitch softball go back to the mound after she was pulled off the mound?

yes, so long she has not yet started her pitch or presented the ball.

Can a little league softball picture leave the mound and pitch later in same game?

yes, they can.

How far is it from the pitcher's mound to home plate in women's slow pitch softball?

50 feet.

In fast pitch softball how far away is the pitcher's mound from home plate?

43 feet