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By road and via the M25 and A3, Yahoo Maps, has the distance as a lttle over 47 miles (76km). Following this route, the journey would take approximately 1 hour.

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Q: How far is Watford from Wimbledon?
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How far is London from watford?

Watford and London are both cities located in Southern England. Watford isn't very far from London. They are 19.7 miles apart.

How far is derby from watford in miles?

113 miles

How far is wimbledon from london?

Wimbledon is part of London!

How far is Heathrow airport to Wimbledon?

Heathrow Airport is approximately 10 miles away from Wimbledon.

How far is Kingston from Wimbledon?

About 5 miles

How far is London Heathrow airport to Wimbledon?

Heathrow Airport and Wimbledon are about 10 miles away from each other.

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Watford L.F.C. was created in 1970.

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