How far is London from watford?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Watford and London are both cities located in Southern England. Watford isn't very far from London. They are 19.7 miles apart.

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Watford is on the outskirts of Greater London.

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Q: How far is London from watford?
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How do you get to central London from watford?

By train.

How far is it from Watford in Hertfordshire to Central London?

According to AA route planner it is 21 miles and will take about 58 minutes to drive.

When was Gwen Watford born?

Gwen Watford was born on September 10, 1927, in London, England, UK.

Is watford London?

Watford is near London, but not considered part of the Greater London area.Yet, the town is inside the M25, has a London Underground Tube station, has red double-decker buses and **Metropolitan Police. Therefore it is considered part of the Metropolitan area of Greater London, and is well within the commuter-belt.**Wrong! Metropolitan Police do not serve Watford. Watford is served by The Hertfordshire Police Constabulary.(Improved/Edited by Justinleeldn)

What is the halfway point between London and aylesbury?

The halfway point between London in England (United Kingdom) and Aylesbury in England (UK) is Watford. Watford is in England (UK).

What part of UK is Watford hertfordshire located?

Watford is a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, situated 29 km northwest of central London and within the bounds of the M25 motorway. The borough is separated from Greater London to the south by the urbanised parish of Watford Rural in the Three Rivers District.

How far is derby from watford in miles?

113 miles

Why did the District and Bakerloo Lines share tracks with the North London and Watford DC Lines?

The District and Bakerloo lines share tracks with the North London and Watford DC Lines because of the ongoing work on the track.

How many miles is watford north-west away from London?

21 miles

Where would someone search to find a watford?

The only Watford that is common is the town found with the borough of Hertfordshire, England. To get there from London, a traveler must go northwest towards and Hertfordshire and then go further west.

Is Waterford in London?

As far as I know, no. Waterford is a city & county in Ireland the island next to the UK. There may though be a small area or village etc in London called Waterford but I am not certain. There is also a Waterford in America. I was just on Google Maps and I found a Waterford Rd and Watford, are they what you mean?

What is the motto of Watford?

The motto of Watford is '}}'.