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outside of the 3 point circle

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Q: How far do you have to throw to make a 3 point shot in basketball?
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What is a field throw in basketball?

A field goal in basketball is a three-point shot...I do not belive there is a field throw.

What shot in basketball in worth 1 point?

A free-throw

What is the one point shot called in basketball?

Free throw

Why isn't there a 4 point shot in basketball?

There is a rule called the 4 point play thats when you get fouled during a 3 point shot and make it and also make the free throw

The throw in basketball that is worth one point if it goes in the basket is?

Foul shot.

What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

What is a three point shot in basketball?

A shot you make behind the three point line

Who was the first pro basketball player to make a 3 point shot?

Chris Ford was the first NBA basketball player to make a 3 point shot.

What is a free throw shot in basketball?

When someone gets hit in basketball a foul is called and if they are shooting the ball at the basket they get to shoot a free throw. A free throw is worth one point and they are shot without jumping from the line about 15 feet straight from the hoop.

If a player in basketball is taking a shot is fouled and the ball goes in what call does the ref make?

the shot counts and he gets one shot at the free throw line for a chance at a 3 point play. its called an "and 1"

How do you shot a 3 pointer shot in basketball?

A three pointer shot is above the free throw line. If you want to make it, try perfecting your shot.

What is a foul shot in basketball?

if your are trying to steal the ball and you touch their hands its a foul. if you touch Their hands and they still make it they get a free throw plus the point they made.

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