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46 feet

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Q: How far do the pitchers in the little league world series pitch from?
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How fast do minor league pitchers pitch?


How far do major league pitchers pitch from?

60 feet, 6 inches

How do you translate pitching speed from little league to major league?

In general, add aboout 20 mph because you are calculating the different pitching lengths. Little league pitchers throw from 45 feet, major leaguers throw from 60.5 feet. For example, a little league pitcher throwing a 70 mph pitch is equivalent to a major league player throwing about a 90 mph pitch.

How far do major league baseball pitchers pitch from?

60 feet, 6 inches

How much is 60 mph pitch in little league is equivalent to mlb?

I don't know exactly but I've watched the Little League World Series enough and they always refer to Little Leaguers pitching speed in relation to MLB and I believe that 70 mph Little League would be around 100 mph MLB A 70 mph little league pitch is equivalent to about a 111 mph MLB pitch. (This is calculated based on an average little league pitch at 57.5 mph and an average MLB pitch at 91 mph.)

How many major league pitchers have had a home run hit off their first career pitch?


What is the max pitch speed in little league World Series?

Their fastballs are around 70mph, the equivalent to 90mph in MLB. ESPN shows the conversion to MLB since they pitch from 60'6" and Little League is only at 46'. Whatever it is, I'd be pressed to hit it.

What do pitchers do?


How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to win a 9 inning game?

In a Major League Baseball game, Starting Pitchers can pitch as many innings as needed, it is up to the discretion of his Manager however Starting Pitchers must pitch 5 innings in order to qualify for a win.

How fast can a 12 year old pitch in little league?

I would say the average 12 year old pitches about 55-65 mph with 65 being the upper range for tournament players. In the Little League World Series you may see a kid pitch 70+mph but that is exceptional.

Is there a women's professional softball league for fast-pitch?

Yes there is a pro fast pitch league. The league is NPF, National Pro Fast pitch.

Can you hit a pitch that bounces first in little league baseball?