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It depends on the level of college. I throw at an NAIA school but we face all types of competition even D1 and I'd say that anything over 37-38 meters is respectable at any stage and over 40 is really good

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for girls: DIII anything over 130' or so you will place. idk about DII, and DI over 140"ish will place.

hope this helps!

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Q: How far do discus throwers throw in community colleges?
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Who are Canadian discus throwers?

As far as I know, I AM... My name is Carmen Ionesco and I am the Canadian record holder with a throw of 64,92m.

What sports are Polish people famous for?

The Polish tend to put forth good throwers in track and field. They are usually competitive in the shot put, hammer throw, and discus.

What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a flat circle?

discus throw

Who holds the boys Tennessee state high school record in the discus throw?

No one has ever throw 240 in the discus in Tennessee in fact no one has thrown over 200 feet. The TSSAA state record is held by Brett Collins of Jefferson County. 187-10 in 1987. That record my be broken this year or next several good discus throwers in Tennessee this year.

Where can one find information on discus throw?

The history of the discus throw can be found in the book Historical Dictionary of Track and Field. Lessons on how to throw a discus can be found in books such as "Teach Yourself Discus Throw."

How fast can a discus travel?

A discus can travel as fast as you spin to throw it. Granted, most people don't throw it more than about 60-70 feet/second, but the really good throwers (Olympic level) throw it between 80-90 feet/second. If you're asking because you want to throw farther, all I can say is make sure you're throwing as fast as possible at 45 degrees.

An event where athletes throw a flat circle?


What kind of discus is used in the Olympics?

Men's discus throw debuted at the 1896 Games in Athens and women's discus throw debuted at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

What is the South African record for the throw of the discus?

The women's world record for the discus throw is held by Gabriele Reinsch of Germany with a throw of 76.80 meters in 1988.73.83The

Is discus a field event?

Yes, Discus Throw is part of field event.

Why was the discus thrower made?

to throw

Which year is discus throw is invented?

The sport of the discus throw dates back to the ancient Greeks and the first Olympics circa 776BC.