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Q: How far back from the tees box can you tee up your ball?
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My husband wants to tee off from the ladies tee box. the red tee boxes. Is this allowed?

He can if he wants to, but he could be the butt of many jokes! If it is general play, he can tee off from wherever he wants to, but if it is an official competition he has to tee off from the stipulated tee box. If he doesn't feel he hits the ball far enough he could simply hit off the forward tees, but if he really wants to hit off the ladies tees nothing can stop him.

How far wide back forth does a attacking central mid go?

all the way back to their own 18 yard box for opposition corners and all the to the opposition box when attacking. should be behind the ball when your tea doesn't have the ball and in front of the ball when your team has it. try to stay mostly central, around about the centre circle, but in front of the other midfielders

A golfer tees off and hits a golf ball at a speed of 31 ms and at an angle fo 35 degrees How far did the ball travel before hitting the hround?

92, or 91.5 A plus answer

A golfer tees off and hits a golf ball at a speed of 31 ms and at an angle of 35 degrees. How far did the ball travel before hitting the ground Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a meter.?

92 or 91.5 meters would be the maximum height.

A golfer tees off and hits a golf ball at a speed of 31 ms and at an angle of 35 degrees How far did the ball travel before hitting the ground Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a meter?

92 or 91.5 meters would be the maximum height.

Which set of tees are played during golf pro-am?

During a Pro Am there are two sets of tees. Ones which the pros play off, these would be the tournament tees. The other set is the Amateur tees, from which the amateurs play off, these are usually quite far forward as much as 150 yards in front of the pro tees!

How do you kick high and far in Kickball?

you will need to pull back your leg far and get your foot under the ball

Does leaning back affect how far and high a ball goes when kicked?

The more you lean back, the higher the ball goes, from my experience, it doesn't change the distance.

What are some tips to kick the ball far in mat ball?

Lean back, point your left toe, if you are a righty, to where you want to kick the ball, and use your laces to kick the ball.

How far back can the offensive lineman be from the ball?

No more than 2 yards.

Does a golf ball go farther go farther when placed at the front or back of stance?

Placing the ball at the back of your stance will effectively make the ball fly lower and farther. By placing the ball at the back of your stance you are decreasing the loft of the club. If you want to hit a high shot move the ball forward but remember it will not go as far.

How do you get to the top row of the movie theater on back lot island?

Climb up on the stage at far right, then jump left from box to box (the high box seats).

How do you get to silurian puzzle box on doctor who evacuation earth?

please write back saying how far you are away from silurian puzzle box and i will answer your question

How do you hit the ball far in rounders?

Having an good posture and standing in the restricted area/box to start off with, Stand side on with the front of your body facing the side of the box/restricted area, the side way you leave the restricted area/box. Hold the bat with whatever hand suits you better left or right, only hold the bat with one hand. (Not two) have your arm out back with your bat in with your bat in your hand obvs, Hold it like you would do with an umbrella and do a good powerful swing, Make sure you keep your eye's on the ball! And then hopefully you will hit the ball :D

How do you take a goal kick?

A goal kick is taken when a team has kicked the ball over the end line of the opposing team without it going over the goal. At that time, the goalie or defender or somebody who can kick the ball to atleast half field comes and places the ball on the 6 yard box which is the box closest to the goal. After the ball is placed on the 6 yard box, it can be kicked as far as possible up the field, or even passed quickly to the closest defender.

Why did the tennis player hit the ball softly?

Because the other person was far back at the baseline.

How far is it from France to Stockton-on-Tees?

The road distance from Stockton-on-Tees to Calais, France, is 349 mi (561 km) including the length of the tunnel. As the crow flies the distance is 283 miles or 456 km.

The umpire calls a batted ball that hits home plate first a foul ball is it fair or foul?

if it bounces fair and stays far its fair if it went foul and stayed foul it foul... if it hit the plate and hit the batter while he was in the batters box its foul if it hit him out of the batters box he is out

How far back for a free kick in football?

All players must be at least 10 metres away from the ball.

What is the highest river in England?

As far as I know, it's the River Tees. It's source elevation is 2,474 feet.

How do you kick a soccar ball far?

When approaching the ball make sure ur leg is drawn back and angles at the direction you wish the ball to go. When you begin to sling ur leg forward to kick the ball try to level your foot flat and hook it under the ball.

When playing golf if a ball lands behind a tree and is not playable where can the drop shot be taken from Is the player allowed to go back as far as he wants?

You have 3 options. 1. Go back to where you played your previous shot from, 2. Go back as far as you want, on a straight line, keeping your ball between you and the pin, no nearer the hole. 3. Or take two club lengths from where your ball is, no closer to the hole. All of these options carry a one shot penalty.

The water hazard on the golf course is determined by which color?

Either red or yellow. Color determines the rules, not the type of hazard. If you hit the ball in the water and in was marked red, you would take a stroke and drop your ball within two club lengths or as far back as you want between the tee box and point of entry. And pretty much the same for the yellow.

How far back do you serve for vollyball?

if your on a basket ball court, then you would probably need to serve half of the width of the court.

How far back can you stand in the batters box?

Your foot can not be placed behind the box. The umpire makes that judgement. If you watch carefully, the first couple batters in a game invariably rub their feet on the ground so as to erase the back of the batter's box. The purpose is to make it difficult for the umpire to rule that the foot is outside the box.