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as far back as he wants to

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Q: How far back does a kicker have to go to kick a conversion in rugby?
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Is it harder to score a rugby conversion or a 35yard free kick in a football match?

I would probably say the free-kick because in a rugby conversion the area to aim at is much larger.

Conversion kick in rugby?

A kick to goal following a try - the score if successful is 2 points.

How many meters have you got to be from the rugby post to kick a conversion?


What is a conversion in rugby?

When one of the sides scores a try - touches the ball down over the other teams goal-line, they score 5 points in Rugby Union, and 4 points in Rugby League. In union they are also awarded a free kick, which, if their kicker can put the ball between the uprights, and over the crossbar, 'converts' the try to a goal, gaining an extra two points. The kick must be taken at least ten metres from the goal-line and in a straight line from the point where the try was scored. The word "conversion" is sometimes wrongly used of a successful penalty - a kick at goal awarded as a result of some infringement by the other side. Such a kick gains 3 points in Rugby Union and 2 points in Rugby League.

How do you convert a try in rugby?

Conversion Goal. When a player scores a try it gives the player's team the right to attempt to score a goal by taking a kick at goal; this also applies to a penalty try. This kick is a conversion kick: a conversion kick can be a place kick or a drop kick. The ball is placed in line with the scoring area, in the opposing 22 meter area. The kicker must use the ball that was in play unless it is defective. A placer may be used this is a teammate who holds the ball for the kicker to kick. The kicker may place the ball directly on the ground or on sand, sawdust or a kicking tee approved by the Union. Once placed the kicker has no more than one minute to take the kick. If they exceed this the referee can award a no goal as a sanction. If the ball is placed on ground for kicking and falls over BEFORE the kicker starts their run up they must ask permission to approach and reset. Failure to do so will result in the kick being classed as attempted. If the ball falls when the player is taking their run up they may pick up the ball and then use the "drop kick" process to convert the try.

If at a penalty kick in rugby the ball bounces before going over the posts would this count a sucssessful kick at goal?

No its fail as a kick. However, if the ball is placed by the kicker and when the run up starts the ball falls over the kicker cannot replace the ball the must play it from that point - It would normally be drop kicked over to complete the penalty kick.

How do you line up for rugby kick off?

if you are receiving then the forwards line up wherever the opposing team are most concentrated. if your team is kicking then you line up just behind the kicker with most players on the side the kicker has said to be kicking at.

What is the main point in rugby?

To get the ball over the line and score. Then to kick the ball over the posts to get the conversion. Also for enjoyment and for fitness.

What does a kicker do in football?


Can a team change the kicker for a penalty if the kick is to be retaken?

A penalty kicker may be changed between retakes of a penalty kick. When taking kicks from the penalty mark to decide the winner, no kicker may kick again until everyone on their team has taken a turn.

What is a soccer kick in rugby?

no such thing. - The equivalent kick in soccer and rugby would be the placed penalty kick.

How do you apply force summation to a rugby goal kick?

you kick with your designated foot and take a couple of steps back and kick with the inside of your foot just below the centre of the ball

What does it mean in rugby to kick the ball out on the full?

If you are out side the 22 and you kick it out on the FULL it goes back to where the player kicked it. if its inside the 22 and you kick it out on the full, its from where the ball goes out NOT bounces.

Who made the first onside kick?

place kicker

What is a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick is a kick in the game of soccer where the kicker leans backwards and kicks the ball over his head.

How far should a kicker be able to kick?

A Punter (After a touchdown or fieldgoal is made) in the NFL should at least kick 65 yards.A Field Goal Kicker should be able to kick at least 55-60 yards to be good.A Kicker, (When a team kicks the ball away) should kick approximately 35 or more yards.Field Goal's need accuracyPunter's and Kicker's don't

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

What is a goal in rugby?

A Try is the highest scoring point maker available with 5 points then it is a penalty kick with 3 then a conversion kick which you take after a try. So a try is the equivalent of a goal in football

Can anyone other than the designated kicker kick field goal?

Anyone can kick a field goal.

Who was the first NFL kicker to kick barefoot?

Tony Franklin

What is the longest kick in football history?

The longest kick was the Detroit lions kicker 65 yards he made on YouTube

Are you allowed to kick in touch rugby?


What is the rules to Rugby?

well see rugby is a lot like football there is a kickoff but you punt it to the other team and you run up the Field until you get tackled and then you give the ball to a team mate and the pitch it to one of the wings and at this point they can kick it up Field or run up Field or pitch it back to the other wing (there are 3 wings) and if there is a penalty the stop the play and they kinda get in a blocking formation (like in football were the line protects the quarterback this is called a scrum and like football if you pass the goal line you get a try (touchdown) and you get a conversion which like a PAT in football but is worth 2 and you kick off again but if there is a penalty and your kicker can kick real far you can instead of a scrum can kick a Field goal which like football is worth 3 and there are 15 players on the Field and that's rugby and just like football there are offsides until the ball is picked up you must not pass the line of scrimmage so get some friends and play rugby.

Can you score a drop kick from a kick off in rugby?

No you are not allowed to attempt a drop goal off a kick off in rugby- even if the ball does manage to go through no pints will be awarded.

What would the referee award if the ball went off the side of the pitch in rugby?

A line-out against the team who put it in touch EXCEPT where a penalty kick was awarded. IN this case the team awarded the penalty kick may decide to kick for position advantage and in doing so kicks the ball in to touch. The line-out awarded from this is FOR the team taking the penalty and they have the throw in. In the case of a free kick (j) Outside the kicker's 22, no gain in ground. When a free kick awarded outside the 22 goes directly into touch, the throw-in is in line with where the ball was kicked, or where it went into touch, whichever is nearer the kicker's goal line. (k) Inside the kicker's 22 or in-goal, gain in ground. When a free kick is awarded in the 22 or in-goal and the kick goes directly into touch, the throw-in is where the ball went into touch.