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You start at center ice and skate in on the goalie deak him or her out and hopefully score

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Q: How far back do you have to be during a penalty shot?
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What happens in golf when you think you hit your shot into the water?

You have two options: You can take a 1 shot penalty and replay the ball from where you originally hit it; or you can take a 1 shot penalty and drop it behind the hazard as far as you want.

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When playing golf if a ball lands behind a tree and is not playable where can the drop shot be taken from Is the player allowed to go back as far as he wants?

You have 3 options. 1. Go back to where you played your previous shot from, 2. Go back as far as you want, on a straight line, keeping your ball between you and the pin, no nearer the hole. 3. Or take two club lengths from where your ball is, no closer to the hole. All of these options carry a one shot penalty.

How far does a golf ball have to move on the green due to wind after address for it to incrr a penalty shot?

It is not allowed to move at all, it is allowed to shake side to side but if it moves from it's original position it is a penalty.

What is the rule if Golf ball hit tree and got stuck?

You can eitherPlay the ball as it lies,Take a penalty (1 stroke) drop two club lengths from where the ball liesGo back, as far as you want, keeping the point where the ball is between you and the flag and drop it (1 stroke penalty)You can go back to where you played the last shot from, (1 stroke penalty).The above rules assume you find your ball, if you can't find it, you must use the fourth option.

What is the rule for hitting in a water hazard?

If you hit it into a water hazard, you can drop the ball as far back as you want, keeping the point where the ball entered the hazard between you and the flag. Or you can go back to where you hit the previous shot from. It is a one shot penalty for hitting into a water hazard. Interestingly you do not have to find your original ball, you can simply play another, but you must agree with your partners that the ball entered the hazard.

Where do you place a golf ball after it goes into the water?

As far back as you want keeping the point where the ball entered the water between you and the pin, two club lengths from the nearest point of relief on line of where the ball entered the hazard or go back and replay the previous shot. You must take full relief, so you cannot drop it in a hazard, each option costs a penalty shot.

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How far is the penalty area from the touch line?


Why do Celtic get a penalty nearly every game?

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