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Q: How far away was the pithers mound from the batter in the baggining?
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How far is the pitchers mound from the batter in girls softball?

The mound is 40 feet away, except in college and some traveling leagues where it is 43 feet. (fastpitch)

How far is the mound for the plate on a mlb field?

the mound is 60 feet away from the plate

In NCAA girls softball how far is the pitching mound?

For squirts the distance to the mound is 35 feet. For Peewee's the distance is 38 feet.

When the wind and the rain wear a mountain away the mound that is left is this landform?


When the wind and the rain wear a mountain away the mound that is left is this they say?


What is the distance from mound to home plate in minor league?

The minor league uses the same distances as the MLB. So the pitchers mound is exactly 60ft 6" away from homeplate

How far is the pitchers mound away from home plate in teener league baseball?

9 to 12 years old little league regulation is 46 feet mound to plate

Which type of friction keeps a mound of rocks from falling away from each other?

Dry friction keeps a mound of rocks from falling away from each other. This type of friction occurs between solid surfaces in contact with each other and opposes relative motion.

How far is the edge of grass away from the foul line on a little league field?

The only part of the field that is "regulation" is the actual infield itself. The bases, home plate, batter's boxes, and pitcher's mound are always in the same location and the same dimensions depending on which league the field is made for. Some infields are designed with grass, some are all dirt, and some are all grass with dirt base paths, pitcher's mound (and sometimes pitching path). There is no regulation as to how far away the grass has to be from the foul line.

How far away is a twelve and under softball pitching mound?

From homeplate to the pitchers mound is 40ft.

Can a manager substitute a pitcher after he has thrown a pitch to a batter?

Yes, if the batter was retired with that 1 pitch or got on base or was hit by the pitch. In other words if that batter is no longer up or if this was not the 1st batter the pitcher has faced and the pitcher threw a strike or a ball then the manager could take him out or if the pitcher suffered an injury with that one pitch. If the pitcher comes into a game and throws only one pitch and the batter is still up and there is no injury to the pitcher, then the pitcher must pitch to the batter till he is retired or reaches base on a hit, walk, error, fielders choice, etc.

Do sand dunes change earth's surface?

Yes because it creates a mound in the earth and takes away sand from the oceans ground.