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The receiving team must be 10 yards from the spot of the kickoff before a kick and must remain so until the ball is kicked.

If they go inside of 10 yards before the ball is kicked, they are guilty of offside, which would would be 5 yards and a rekick, if the kicking team doesn't recover.

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Q: How far away is the receiving team from the kicking team during an onside kick?
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What is an onside punt?

An onside punt is a punt after a safety. After a safety the ball turns over to the defensive team. The team on offense punting the ball away can punt onside by punting ten yards. The ball is live, just like an onside kick, and can be recovered by the punting team.The Miami Dolphins used this in the 1980's to beat Cincinnati.

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On a kickoff must the receiving team wait for the ball to go 10 yds before they advance foreward over their scrimmage line?

The receiving team has to line up at least 10 yards away from the kickoff spot, but as soon as the ball is kicked, they can move in to receive the ball. Remember, the rule requiring the ball to travel 10 yards applies only to the kicking team. The receiving team can touch and recover the ball after it has traveled any distance, even if it only goes a yard from the tee.

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In the NFL if the ball goes out of bounds while receiving a kick off and touches the ball on the 5 yard line in bounds does the ball come out to the 40?

As long as the ball was kicked from the kicking team's own 30, then yes. The rule is NOT that a kickoff out of bounds is placed at the 40-yard line. The rule is that the ball is placed 30 yards from the spot of the kick. So if the kicking team had been given a 10-yard penalty on the PAT play, and ended up kicking from the 20 instead of the 30, and the ball goes out of bounds, the ball would then be placed at the 50 -- 30 yards away.

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Does a soccer player to be onside have to wait for a played ball to go over his head?

A pass-receiving player must be inline or ahead of (i.e. not be closer to the goal line) the last outfield defender at the time that the pass is struck. Once the pass has been struck, he may sprint behind the last defender and be in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper.If the ball hits the referee or the goal frame, the time of the shot is what counts to determine if a player is onside or offside, not the time at which the ball hits the ref or frame.If a ball comes from a defender (for example from miskicking the ball or miscalculating a pass), nobody is offside.If one player is offside but another player is onside and can still receive the ball, the offside player may decide to not interfere with the play by standing or walking away from the goal line in order to keep the game going.

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