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Half court is 47 feet away from the basket.

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Q: How far away from the basket is half court?
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How far away can you be from the basket in basketball in order to make a legal basket?

It doesn't matter as laong as you stay on the court. :)

How far back do you serve for vollyball?

if your on a basket ball court, then you would probably need to serve half of the width of the court.

How far away is the half-court line from the baseline in the NBA?

The NBA half court line (inside) is 47 feet from the half court line (inside)

How far away is center court from the basketball hoop in middle school?

the half court line is 55 feet away

What are the areas to a basketball court?

Well theres the wings that are the far sides of the court but closer to the half court line, where the guards go. Theres the center which is in the paint, right near the basket. The boxes are next to the basket and that's where the fowards go. The foul line is right in front of the basket where foul shots are taken.

How far is the nba 3 pt line from the basket?

23 ft away from the front of the basket

How far is the foul line away from the basket 11 year old?

AnswerIn basketball the free throw line is 15 feet away from the Basket.

How far away is the 3 point line?

20 ft 6 in from the basket.

How far away is the out line from the basket?

The perpendicular distance from the inside of the baseline to the center of the goal or basket is 5 foot 3 inches.

How far away is the free throw line from the basket in 8th grade?

15 feet

How far was Michael Jordan's jump?

It is from the free-throw line which is about 10 away from the basket.

What are tgeNumber of points received for far away shots?

Far away shots? There are only three different number of points allocated in baskeball. A foul shot gets you one point. a basket anywhere within the three point like gets you two points. And anything beyond that whether it is half court or just behind the three point line, you get three points

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