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A Golf push car goes uphill ok, but it is basically like dragging your bg up the hill. The best example I can think of is that you are trying to pull a fully loaded duffle bag up a steep hill. It's more worth it to carry your bag unless you have a bad back or some other problem that causes you to not be able to carry it. Its better excercise.

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Q: How easily does the golf push cart go uphill?
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How many wheels does a golf push cart have?

There are many different styles and brands of golf push carts on the market. However, a golf push cart typically sports three wheels, making it easier for the golfer.

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Do any golf bag have wheels?

Actually the bag itself does not have wheels but they have a push cart that does instead. With the pushcart you basically strap your bag on this tiny device and then push or drag the cart. Here is a link to one I hope that helps.

Where can I find a push/pull golf cart with a seat Thank you.?

There are models on the market that fit your description. HitandSit and SeatCarts are two companies that offer seat-equipped push/pull golf carts, and you can find them online at sites with these names, priced starting at under $200.

Where can you find repacemtnt parts for acuity golf push cart?

I'm not sure if you can get replacement parts. First I would 'google' the manufacturer to see if they have a site for that sort of thing. If that fails, maybe a look at my blog may help you:

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