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The sport of wind Surfing does not affect tides.

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Q: How does wind surfing affect tides?
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Related questions

How do tides affect surfing?

Some surf spots break better at certain tides. Some break equally as well at all tides. It has to do with the sandbars or how the water is coming off the reef.

What are wind and water erosion not likely to effect?

Wind and water erosion are not likely to affect the tides. Tides result from the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon on the oceans of the earth.

How does wind affect surfing?

if effects surfing because the wind can either be an onshore or offshore wind this effects the type of waves formed. the wind either blows out the waves and disrupts them making it almost impossible to surf very well or it forms the waves perfectly making great swell.

What are the differences between windsurfing and surfing?

Wind surfing is te one with the sails and realys on the wind where as surfing realys on the waves

What are the factor affecting the movement of ocean water?

Wind, temperature, salinity, tides and the breaking of waves are some of the factors that affect the movement of ocean water.

Where can one find some images of wind surfing?

One can look in sports magazines for images of someone wind surfing. Also, there are some websites dedicated to wind surfing, such as cayugawindsurfing.

How does the el nino effect the tides?

It does not affect the tides ! The effect of wind direction moderates how high or how low a tide may show;storm surges are an example.

What Activities that require wind?


Do changing tides affect the phases of the moon?

No, the moon affects the tides, but the tides do not affect the moon.

How do tides affect climate?

Tides affect climate by Conservation.

Who is idea was the invention of the skateboard?

Surfers created them in California so that they could simulate surfing when the tides to bad to go out surfing. Skateboarding was originally called sidewalk surfing

How do you pronounce wind surfing in french?

"wind surfing" (sport) is called "faire de la planche à voile" in French.

Where the waters wind?

the waters wind is in the tides waves

Are tides caused by wind?

Tides are mainly caused by the pull of the moon.

What might the oceans be like if there were no tides?

Simple. The would be no big waves and no surfing!

What makes tides?

the wind

What is similar between surfing and windsurfing?

Surfing means that you are surfing on any surface. Windsurfing means that the wind is the propeller, no matter which surface you are on. Similarity is concerning only to the action of surfing.

How does wind effect currents and tides?

Wind has no effect on the tides, but wind does play a role in driving surface currents. However, thermohaline circulation accounts for most of the current flow.

Is it possible to die wind surfing?


What does 'planche a voile' mean?

wind surfing

Who invented wind surfing?

Peter Chilvers

What is a compound word for wind surfing?


How does wind clouds tides and wave actions relate?

because of wind

What two things causes the tides?

Wind and temperature case tides. The hotter the temperature and faster the wind, the bigger the tide would be.

What causes the tides and how tides affect the earth?

The moon They dont