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It helps you stay fit.

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Q: How does this sport benefit health?
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Related questions

How can sport benefit health?

it keeps you healthey

What are the social and health benefits of sport?

The health benefit of playing sports is that you will get extra exercise that you might not have participated in if you were not in that sport. The social benefit is that you will meet new people and you may even get involved in other sports or other community activities.

How does ice skating benefit your health?

It is a great weight-loss sport and strengthens your whole body.

What do athletes benefit from training?

they benefit experience, strenth and they become better at the sport they do.

How does sport benefit the community?

because the sport you are in can raise money for the city with fundraisers

Health and safety why is it important to sport?

The absence of health and safety is illness and injury - not good things in sport or any activity.

Whats your favourite sport?

I love sport! its good for your health!

Is Dental care coverage a convenience benefit?

Possibly, since it is usually a separate benefit from health insurance. In many ways, though, your general health is dependent on your dental health.

What are the health benefits from eating siomai?

One health benefit of Siomai is that it provides you with essential proteins. Another health benefit of Siomai is that because it is rich in vitamins, it helps reduce hunger cravings.

Is not one of the benefit of a strong team bond in sport?

The answer is criticism.

How can innovation benefit patients or health care?

how will innovation benefit patients

What is health benefit of pineapple mixed with orange juice?

Non, it is OK as a food but all the health benefit advertisements are all marketing ploys.

The advantadge and the disadvantadge of sports?

The advantage is the obvious excersize you will receive from the sport, which in the long run will benefit your overall health. The disadvantage is the higher risk for injury. Typically sports have a higher rate of bodily injuries.

How does the health and safety at work act affect sport?

Since sport is not work, the Health and Safety at WorkAct does not affect it.

Ayurveda health tourism a boon or curse?

Health tourism is good for the country's economy and the individuals who are benefited by it. But any country which is benefit ted by the health tourism should provide the health benefit for the poor and down trodden first and the only open the health tourism. Other it is a mockery.

What happens if you disregard health and safety in sport?

If you disregard health and safety in sport, as in any other activity, you get more injuries and illnesses than you otherwise wold.

What is the most common type of employee benefit?

Health care is the most common type of employee benefit.

What are the health benefit's of bananas?


What are the benefits of an employee health screening for employers?

The most important benefit to the company is that it shows its committment to the employees' health. The main benefit to a worker is that he does not have to waste time for going to the doctor and at the same time his health is constantly monitored.

Who can benefit from interval training?

All athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they compete

What does health and safety in sport mean?

In sport, when you talk about health and safety, it is nothing to take lightly. A health physical screen from your doctor prior to engaging in sports, as well as wearing proper safety equipment are extremely important.

Is there a health benefit in drinking Vinger?


Vegetable and fruit benefit to your health?

yes, it is

Do sports help your health?

yes, they help your physical health mostly, mental health and social health also benefit from sports but not as much as physical.

What is the benefit of sport?

It makes you fit and healthy, and it's fun and competitive.