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It gives you more traction so you will not slide.

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Q: How does the spike in the very front of a baseball cleat help?
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Can you wear soccer shoes for football?

not shoes, Boots. (A little joke, lol). Most football cleats have one extra cleat on the bottom of the shoe at the end of the toe for additional traction. This extra cleat puts soccer players at a high risk for injuring other players if they accidentally kicked someone so the extra cleat is not designed on soccer cleats (AKA Association Football Boots). Most American football kickers actually wear at least one soccer shoe (on their kicking foot) to get the maximum kicking effect on the field. However, football linemen tend to wear cleat-ed shoes with a high-top ankle design to help prevent ankle twists, so it depends what position someone plays and what kind of traction that person needs as to whether or not soccer cleats can be used.

How To Buy Soccer Cleats For Your Child?

Choosing the best soccer cleats for your kid is something that every parent thinks about. How do you tell what is the best cleat? What if they give the sport up? There are some common questions that fill the minds of soccer moms and dads. Here are some ways to help you decide the best cleat for your child. 1. Decide how long you want the cleat to last. If you are going to be buying a cleat for your kid that they are only going to use for one season, buy something that is a little cheaper. If your child is still growing then you won’t need to spend a lot of money on something they are going to grow out of in a year. 2. Buy a name brand cleat. If you are going to invest money in your child’s sport, make sure that you’re not buying a cleat that is going to break during the first game. Invest a little more money in a cleat from a name brand company to ensure that your money is well spent. 3. Buy a size a little smaller than usual. You don’t want to buy a cleat that is going to cut off the circulation to your child’s foot, but you want to by something that is snug. This is essential for any soccer play and the leather will expand with the amount of use your child puts into it. Buy a cleat that is about a half size too small and it will mold to your kid’s foot within a game or two. 4. Try on cleats with shin guards and soccer socks before you buy them. If you try on a cleat without any socks or without the right socks on, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Make sure that you have your child’s soccer socks and their shin guards with you when you try on the cleats to make sure they fit properly. 5. Look at the soles of the cleats. Rubber studs will be able to give your child traction when they need it most. If you see a pair of cleats with replaceable studs, you might not want to invest in them until your child is really serious about the game.

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Why is there a difference between football and baseball cleats?

Football cleats are designed to help the athlete dig in and resist force against his/her movement forward. They have cleats that are molded mainly horizontally across the shoe to give more front driven support. Baseball cleats also have support for front driven movement, but, unlike football cleats, they also have cleats that are positioned vertically along the side to help better support side to side movements as well. Baseball cleats can either be molded plastic or metal - metal cleats are not permitted in football.

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