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The size of a Rugby player does not affect gravity in any way.

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Q: How does the size of a rugby player affect gravity?
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Does size affect gravity's strength?

Size does not but mass does.

What is the average size of a Rugby player?

6 foot 4

How does the size of planet affect its gravity?

The pull of an object's gravity is proportional to its mass, if measured at a standard distance.

How does gravity change as the size of a planet increases?

Size itself does not affect gravity, but a larger planet is almost always going to have more mass, and more mass will mean more gravity.

What is rugby super midi ball?

Midi size rugby balls are size 2 and Super-Midi size rugby balls are size 3.

Does the size of a soccer ball affect how high it will bounce?

The size of a soccer ball does not affect how high it bounces because gravity pulls down a ball at the same, no matter what size it is.

What is the size of the rugby ball they use to play professional rugby?

size 5

What is the regulation size and weight of a rugby ball?

Size 5 for top level rugby.

How will the size shape and weight affect the distance of a basketball?

size/shape- amount of air resistance weight - amount of gravity :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

How does gravity affect different size objects in free fall?

gravity pushes and pulls so it keeps it straight! answered by a 5th grader

Does Gravity affect the speed of a satellite in a circular orbit?

Gravity is the reason for the speed of a satellite in orbit, the size and shape of orbits, and the existence of orbits.

Why does the size of planets affect gravity?

It affects the "surface gravity" because that depends inversely on the square of the distance of an object from the center of mass ofthe planet.

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