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In individual events a number of Judges (usually 7) award marks out of 10 for each dive. Only three scores count toward the total so the highest and lowest scores are removed. The total of the three scores is then multiplied by the dive tariff.

Each dive is given a tariff according to difficulty. This is often called the degree of difficulty (DD)

A forward three and a half piked (107B) has a tariff of 3.0. A forward four and a half tuck (109C) has a tariff of 3.7.


A diver completes a 107B and receives 7.5, 8.0, 8.5 8.0, 7.5, 8.5, 8.0 from the seven judges. The two highest (8.5's) and the two lowest (7.5's) scores are removed leaving 3 x 8.0 totalling 24. This total is multiplied by the tariff to give the dive score: 24 (Judges marks) x 3.0 (Dive tariff) = 72 points

Another diver completes a 109C and receives the same scores from the judges. His total score will be: 24 x 3.7 = 88.80 points.

Synchronized events are marked differently. I'm happy to try and explain them also if anyone wants me to!

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Shotgun features three different events: trap, double trap and skeet. In double trap, only the men will compete, as the event was pulled of the women's docket following 2004. Trap

In the qualification round, there are five stations a shooter will compete from. At each station, a shooter will fire at one clay target before moving to the next station. In the qualification round, they are allowed two shots per target fired -- the targets will be fired a minimum distance of 75 meters and at up to speeds of 65 miles per hour. The men's qualifying competition will last two days; the first day will feature three rounds of 25 targets, the second will have two rounds of 25 targets plus the final. The women's match, three rounds of 25 targets, will be done in one day. There will be one final round of 25 targets for the top-six men and women trap shooters, but there will be a twist as shooters will only be allowed one shot per target instead of the customary two. All ties are broken with a shoot-off. Skeet

Known as the "short range" shotgun event, shooters will rotate between eight different stations housed along an arc, 40 meters in diameter. There are trap houses at each station, one 3.05 meters off the ground and the other 1.05 meters above the ground. Shooters will either shoot at a single target to come from either trap house or a double target to come from both trap houses. Regardless, the shooter is allowed just one shot per target. The scoring, in essence is done the same way as trap as the men will have their competition over two days with the same amount of targets, and the women will do the same. The finals are conducted the same as the other shotgun events and are totaled with the qualification scores to determine the medal winners. Double trap

The men's match will be completed in one day and will consist of three qualification rounds (50 shots a round) and one final with the same amount of targets. The shooters will fire upon two targets per station, with there being five stations rotated through. The finals will take the six best shooters and use their final score plus their qualification score to determine the event's medalists.

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Scoring is a 2 tier system:

1. technical Difficulty which starts at 0 and points are added for the performance difficulty

2. execution and technique which starts at 10 and points are subtracted as mistakes are made

at the end the two are added together for the final score.

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In Levels 1-10 and college, the gymnasts are given a score out of 10. Although, that varies because gymnasts have start values for their routines. To get your score the judges will subtract your deductions from your start value, which in most cases a 10.0.

Example: 10.0 start value- 0.825 in deductions= 9.15 score

In elite gymnastics( the stuff on tv) , scoring is far different. Gymnasts have a difficulty score and an execution score out of 10.

Example: 6.1 difficulty + 9.4 execution= 15.5 total score

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Each Olympic event has its own scoring system. Gymnastics are based on one to ten system that is determine by the judges.

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Q: How does the gymnastics scoring system work?
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