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I don't know. Go ask one.

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Q: How does the future look for an MLB umpire?
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Who was the first black umpire in MLB?

Emmett Ashford. Ashford was an American League umpire between 1966-1970.

How many games do you get suspended for when you touch the umpire in the MLB?


Is there a MLB challenge?

That has been brought up in owners meetings but, as of the 2008 season, there is no challenging an umpire's decision in MLB.

Has a MLB umpire ever punched a player?

Of course what are u stupid?

Can only one umpire be used in a baseball game?

No, not in a High School, College, or a MLB game. In little league 1 umpire is often used.

How many balls does an umpire make available for each MLB game?


Y Who was the umpire who blew a call at first base in the 1985 World Series which affected the outcome of Game 6?

Don Denkinger, who was an MLB umpire for 30 years (1969-1998).

Why do MLB umpires where blue uniforms?

Blue is a popular color of uniform an umpire might wear, though not at all levels or every game.

Does Jim Joyce still work with the Major League Baseball?

Yes, Jim Joyce still works for the MLB as an umpire.

Is there a time limit during a timeout in MLB?

no but if it takes more than like 30 seconds then the umpire usually breaks it up

Once an umpire declares a foul ball can it be overturned?

Depending on the call all umpires can reverse a call but the crew chief supersedes all umpire ...Clarification:The chief umpire for the game, aka. plate umpire makes the final decision on a call when another umpire ask for help. If the umpire does not ask for help no other umpire should interfere with the call. The home plate umpire is the chief umpire, unless the league appoints an umpire as the chief umpire -- MLB appoints a crew chief for every umpire crew, all calls where umpires ask for help will come down to his final judgement. You can find all of this in 9.02 and 9.04 of the rules

Can a baseball outfielder call time if he runs the ball into the infield?

MLB Rule 6.02 makes it clear that the calling of "Time" is entirely at the discretion of the umpire. Any player can REQUEST that time be called, but only an umpire can GRANT the request.