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I'm not a scientist but I would say the greater the force, the greater the erosion. A larger wave has more mass, and would exert more force on what it hits. The greater force would have greater potential for knocking particles loose from what it hits - erosion. The speed of the wave would have a similar effect - greater speed equals greater fore and greater erosion.

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2012-11-27 05:32:26
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Q: How does the force of a wave affect its ability to erode a shoreline?
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What is the major factor that determines a streams ability to erode land?

The major factor should be its speed. The higher its speed, the more force the stream will hit the bank and bed, making the land erode more easily.

Can air weather a rock?

the force of air can erode a rock

How does its mass affect the way an object moves?

An object's mass doesn't affect the way it moves. It affectsthe ability of a force to change the object's motion.

What can be done to reduce earthquakes?

The number and force of earthquakes are beyond mankinds ability to control. There is nothing we can do that will affect the frequency of earthquakes.

What does force have the ability to do?

Force can accelerate an object.

How do waves erode rock?

In three ways: by sheer force of impact, by electromagnetic disruption of molecular bonds and by dissolution of minerals. You can't see any of this happening in usual time, but if you visit an area of shoreline after many years, you'll see where it's happened.

What structures are built parallel to the shoreline to protect boats from the force of large breaking waves?


How is a river a constructive force?

A river can erode and construct things, such as canals and canyons. They are strong forces.

How are ocean waves a force of gradual change to the earths surface?

They slowly change the shoreline by moving sand.

Is ruby falls in Georgia a constructive or destructive force?

The Ruby Falls, like all waterfalls, are a destructive force as they slowly erode the rock they flow from.

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The ability of string to withstand the tension force is called tensile strength.

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Wich force?

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