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Like any other normal guy. Read WWE Unscripted, and you can learn interesting things, about a lot of the wrestlers. The stargest thing I ever saw, was Kane on a show on G4 (Video game and techoligy channel) he changes his voice in the WWE to sound creepy, but he sound like any other person when he's Glen Jacobs. (real real.) It was amazing, so The Undertaker is also a normal American, when he's Mark Calaway. And Kane and the Undertaker aren't related, it's a longterm storyline. If you want to get more info, about anyone in the WWE, go to

AnswerWell, he acts and looks just like his badass days if that helps.
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โˆ™ 2011-10-20 15:28:32
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Q: How does the Undertaker really act and look outside of the wrestling ring?
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Do Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker hate each other in real life?

no they don't because wrestling is fake so they try to make it look real so u might think they really hate each other but they don't

Is the Undertaker really a ghost?

Yes.If you look at Smackdown in 2006,blood fell down on Mr.Kennedy.

Who is older out of undertaker and Kane?

The Undertaker. If you do not believe me, look up on

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How will undertaker look when he returns?

just the same as he was

How does undertaker look in real life?

the same

What happened to the undertaker since his last appearance on smackdown in April?

he took a month or two off cause of rib problems i know cause hes my favrite superstar and i keep a look ot on profesinal wrestling word

Does the Undertaker look good?

The undertaker has tons of tatoo's all over his body. He has a tatoo on his neck and all over his body

How did the Undertaker look when he was a kid?

the undertaker looked like Cody from Zack and Cody.lookon the 1999 wwe baby years magazin

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What did the undertaker look like when he was small?

he had very short hair

What does The Undertaker look like?

dark and scary

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What does it say on the undertakers stomach?

it says B.S.K pride,if you look up undertaker on google,his biography tells you what it means it says B.S.K pride,if you look up undertaker on google,his biography tells you what it means

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Where can you download full wrestling games to buy?

look up "wrestling encore" on Google that's pretty fun

Is undertaker a bad guy?

If you mean "heel" then no when you look at it undertaker never attacks anyone who doesn't deserve it in the eyes of the WWE universe so no he isn't.

What does the undertaker's home look like?

dark and scary

How do you do hell gate by the undertaker?

Its called the gogoplata look it up on youtube.

What do undertaker son look like?

I'm not sure he even has a son.

Where could a small used wrestling mat be bought? This is where I would look. Hope this helps.

How many more years will the underttaker continue to wrestle on WWE?

Mean Mark/ The undertaker had dominated wrestling for 15 years he is still young and in great shape look at Flair still Woooooooooping it up at his age. The undertaker has many years left to bury his opponents unless he's put out with an injury would be the only way to stop the unstoppable and you can't kill whats already dead..