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taking steroids makes u big

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Q: How does substance abuse affect sports performance?
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How do you open a substance abuse recovery house?

How do you open a substance abuse recovery house?"

Is there a substance abuse assessment online?

There are substance abuse assessments online. One such assessment can be found at

How does substance abuse affect families?

Well it really depends on the drug being abused and how your families views on drugs.

Is too much bleach substance abuse?

That does not count as substance abuse if it was only used to clean the bathroom but if you deliberately trying to smell the bleach to get a high then it is substance abuse.

How are substance abuse and child abuse linked?

Substance and child abuse are similar because they both are the resulting direction of one's emotions. In substance abuse, the person tries to drown out their emotions by drinking. In child abuse, the person takes their emotions out on the child.

Which disorders are included in the substance classification?

Substance abuse and substance dependence

Psychiatry Physicians are the best to diagnose substance abuse.?

Psychiatry Physicians are the best to diagnose substance abuse.

Is domestic violence caused by substance abuse?

Most domestic violence are caused by substance abuse. Such as alcohol, and drugs. In most cases people tend to be abuse when they under the influence of these substance.

What is cocoaine abuse?

Any use of cocaine is substance abuse.

Recommendations on how to address substance abuse?

The social norms technique is an effective and inexpensive way to reduce substance abuse. It corrects misperceptions that promote such abuse.

Is the substance abuse hotline safe for youths?

The substance abuse hotline is safe for youths who partake in substance abuse. It's important for people to be able to talk to an anonymous person in confidence about their problems.

What is the difference between DSM-IV for alcohol abuse and dependence and substance abuse and dependence?

Simply the substance used.

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