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i myself am an big sachin fan and therefore admire and closely admire and observe him well his strengths are as followed-

his approach to the game-his approach is to the game is very positive and he plays to win win and knows what exactly he is doing his mindset

he always plays the game with a positive and good frame of mind which lets him stay cool and calm and therefore boosts his skills and confidence as he knows he can do it he also has a fighting spirit that never let his hunger for runs die.

his passion

he is very passionate about cricket and does not play for money but for self satisfaction and therefore is never a person to be involved in scandals and this lets him keep his mind fresh and clean without any unessasary pressure and he practices hard

in game strengths

pull shot

straight and cower drives

shot selection and judgement of the line of the ball

cut shot


paddle sweep


back foot punch

and lots of experience

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He is a legend. He has many good qualities.

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Q: How does sachin tendulkar play cricket so well?
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What sport is Sachin Tendulkar is well known for playing?

Sachin Tendulkar is a famous athlete from India. Sachin Tendulkar plays the game of cricket. He is the most famous cricket player in India. He has played for the Indian Cricket Team, the Mumbai Indians, and the A.C.C. Asian XI team.

Comparison in odi with sachin tendulkar?

Well, Reliability

Who is leading run taker?

Sachin Tendulkar of India is the leading run-scorer in Tests as well as one-day international cricket. He has scored 16917 runs in ODI and 12773 runs in test cricket.

Where does Sachin Tendulkar?

If you ask where he lives, well he lives in Mumbai.

Who scored the quickest world cup 100 in cricket?

well it definitely isn't sachin tendulkar unfortunately it is Kevin O'Brien, from Ireland, against England in the 2011 world cup

What is the name of sachin tendulukar father?

He belongs to a maharashtian family. His father was Ramesh tendulkar.

Why did you admire sachin tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar is a classic batsman with powerful well placed shots through the gap. I admire Sachin for three reasons 1)his Patriotism 2)his straight drive 3)His humble and polite behavior

How many centuries has sachin tendulkar made in One day cricket?

Don Bradman scored two test triple centuries as well as a 299 not out against South Africa.

Which country has played most no of International Twenty Twenty cricket matches?

well i am guessing it was either Australia or England when cricket started back in the 1880's which England was playing at the time so i think it might be England

Who are top 10 richest sportsman in India?

it's well known ... the richest players in India is Mahendra Singh Dhoni in first place, Sachin Tendulkar in second

Can a student visa person play cricket?

Anyone can play cricket, so long as he or she knows how and is capable of playing well. Why, did you want to play on a team?

How can you became a cricketer?

For becoming an cricketer you have play well in the domestic if you play well in domestic cricket you wil be chosen for national cricket team and your cricketing carrier will start.