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Normally you would shake hands and introduce yourself. If you are in your karate uniform a bow is appropriate. We typically follow that with a hand shake as well.

sorry inturupting the answer but u shall bou tto the master and a prayings sign and get up and shake hands

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Q: How does one greet a karate master?
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Who was the master of karate?

There was no single master - karate encompasses the product of an enormous number of practitioners.

How can you master karate at brown belt?

You don't master karate at brown belt. You don't normally ever master karate. The best thing to do is to practice often and hard.

Who is the master of karate?

There is no single master.

What do you call a karate instructor?

A karate instructor is usually called "Sensei" or master. Sensei means "one who has gone before" or teacher in Japanese.

How much does a master karate earn?

You don't earn anything for being a karate master. You can earn money for teaching and running a dojo or organization.

Who is a grandmaster of karate?

There is actually lots of different types of karate but in the karate i do the grand master is sensei ken WA mabooni

What do you say when greeting a karate master?

You bow. That's it.

What do you get when you cross a pig and karate master?

Pork chops

What is the name of karate instuctor or master?

In most schools they would be referred to as sensei. The word means 'one who had gone before.'

Does karate have a master?

Each style of karate has a 'Grandmaster' that is the highest ranked in that style. Typically each style has a single 10th Dan.

Who trained jaden smith in karate kid?

Master Wu Gang

What does Dan represent in karate?

A Dan represents everlasting and you will soon be a master.

The best karate master ever?

Bob the builder. And you better believe it.

Did tom laughlin know martial arts?

Tom Laughlin did know martial arts and was trained in Hapkido karate by karate master Bong Soo Han. Laughlin was mostly known for his Billy Jack films.

Who is stronger a boxer or a karate master?

Its not about the martial arts. Its about who is practicing it and by how much hard work. The one who takes his sport more seriously will always win.

In what cave do you find the karate master in silver version?

Go to the Mt.Mortar on the right in Johto. Mt.Mortar is in Johto but there is a Mt.Mortar on the left and the right.Go to the one on the right.

How do you become a ninja in real life?

Master the arts of parkour, karate and gymnastics

What early 80's tv show had a karate man in a van?

You may be referring to a short lived TV show called The Master. It was ninjitsu, not karate.

Who is the best karate master ever?

Considering the wide number of centuries and the inability to even know some of the historical karate-ka it would be only an opinion.

What is the main story of karate kid?

The Plot of The Karate Kid centers around a student named Daniel(Ralph Macchio), who is constantly terrorized by bullies at school. one day, the school janitor (The Late Pat Morita), who also happens to be a Karate master, offers to train Daniel so that he can defend himself against his tormentors.

How do you get tyrouge in Pokemon Silver?

Go to Mt.Mortar and find the karate master and battle him but leave one empty space in your party you have to beat him and he will probably give you Tyrogue.

What was that one karate movie?

The Karate Kid

What is the EDGE?

a place where Master Nathan Thorn teaches karate to people who wish to learn

What is a Sigung?

A master title for someone who has been in karate art of 25 or more years

How do you call a judo master?

it may be sensei, like in karate, but im not completely sure