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he ties his shoes

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Q: How does lebron james keep his shoes tied?
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Who was the greatest dunker of all time?

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are tied.

Is LeBron James swag?

A Swag in the English dictionary is: an ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit and greenery, often tied with a colourful ribbon or bow". LeBron James is a human, not a flower bouquet with a bow tied around it. So no, he is not a swag.

Why is it safe to keep your shoes tied?

ou should tie them so you want get hurt.

How do you keep sperry shoes leather strings tied?

Half Hitch Knot! google it

How do you tied up shoes?

Ask your parents to do it for you...

Are your shoes tied?

No, I'm wearing slippers! ☺

What does it mean if the shoes have a bandana tied to the shoes?

It means you're trying to be a gangster... And you think it looks "Swag".

Are Converse skateboarding shoes?

no they are actually shoes that were worn a long time ago and skateboarding shoes are big with laces that dont get tied up

How many buzzer beaters lebron James have made?

He has shot 17 game winning shots in the NBA when down by two, one, or tied with 24 seconds or less left on the clock. He is going to be the greatest player in the NBA for ever!

Do shoes laces stay tied up because of friction?


Who is a better basketball player James or Kobe?

They both have their own quallities, and its a very very hard decision, but I would say they are tied. After this season LeBron will probably be better. If we compare the two you can give your own opinion : Offense : Kobe Jumpshot : Kobe Drive : LeBron 3 point shot : Kobe Post Game : Kobe Perimiter Defense : Kobe Inside Defense : LeBron Steals : LeBron Blocks : LeBron Dunk : LeBron Clutch : Kobe Leadership : Kobe Speed : LeBron Strenght : LeBron Passing : LeBron Basketball IQ : Kobe Hustle : Tie If you want to start a franchise, obviously choose LeBron, he is younger. If you need someone to take the game winning shot, choose Kobe. If you need someone to shut down the other team's best player, choose Kobe.

How do you write laces in a sentence?

Laces can be a noun or a verb. He tied the laces of his shoes very tight. She laces her shoes very creaively.

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