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Because you need a certain amount of sleep so your body can wake up.

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Q: How does lack of sleep affect sports performance?
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Related questions

How does lack of sleep effect your performance in sports?

Lack of sleep makes your bones tired and you won't have enough energy for the day.

Will lack of sleep effect atheltic performance?

yes of corse it will the more sleep the better but don't worry it won't affect it much

How can Lack of access to sports facilities affect sports training and performance?

not having the facilites such as a gym or resources that let you train in your area

What stages of sleep affect the short term memory performance?

All stages of sleep affect the short term memory performance. A lack of sleep can make it difficult for your brain to concentrate and if your brain does cannot concentrate it becomes more difficult to remember information.

Does a lack of sleep affect your math grade?

Yes lack of sleep affect ur math grade.

How does stress affect sports performance?

Stress and overcome the lack of confidence and skills of a player and his proformance on the field, which is the result of lack of concentration and can cause injury.

How does sleep affect the way you play sports?

Well, its pretty simple. Do you think you could play a sport very well if you are about to collapse from lack of sleep?

How does lack of sleep affect a sports performer?

A lack of sleep can affect a sports perfomer by making the body become slow and not work as fast as it would if you got the correct amount of sleep you needed and it also causes your brain to process slow and you may become irritiable towards some people or just to tired to continue what you are doing.

Does lack of sleep affect your memory?

It can. If you are sleep deprived, your memory can suffer.

How does anorexic affect sporting performance?

Eventually your lack of energy will reduce your performance.

How does anorexia affect sports performance?

Anorexia will negatively affect sports performance. A lack of proper nutrition and hydration can lead to fatigue as the body does not have enough fuel to perform at its best, dehydration, loss of focus, reduced motor skill capabilities, and a high tendency to feel dizzy or faint.

How does lack of sleep affect your coordination?

Lack of sleep affects your coordination by causing your reactions to slow down. When you suffer from lack of sleep, your body and mind suffers in different ways.

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