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Calcium is vital for the development of the skeleton (strong bones).

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Q: Why would a lack of iron affect performance in sports?
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Does iron in the body affect bluetooth signals?

No, iron in the body doesn't affect bluetooth signals. All the iron combined in the body would be such a minuscule amount it's absurd to think that is even a possibility.

Can you use water from tumble dryers in an iron?

No, water from tumble dryers is not suitable for use in an iron. The water used in irons should be clean and free of any potential contaminants or residues that can damage the iron and affect its performance. It is best to use distilled or demineralized water in irons to prevent mineral buildup and clogging.

How iron affect pH?

The pH is not affected by iron (Fe).

Can you use purified water in an iron?

Yes, you can use purified water in an iron. It is recommended to use distilled or purified water to prevent mineral deposits from forming inside the iron, which can clog the steam vents and affect its performance. Using tap water may lead to build-up of mineral deposits over time.

Does caffeine affect iron absorption?

No, caffeine directly affect the absorption of iron. It is the polyphenol compounds in coffee and tea that negatively affect iron absorption. Drinks containing polyphenol compounds should be avoided at least an hour prior to, and and hour after taking iron supplements or eating foods that contain iron to ensure they do not interfere with iron absorption.

Does iron deficiency anemia impairs physical performance because iron helps deliver the muscles' oxygen?


Why would steel in a modern ship affect a compass?

Steel contains a large proportion of iron which affects compass needles.

How does Iron affect us?

it keeps you strong

Would there be any electromagnetism if you coiled bare copper wire onto a shiny iron bar?

Yes, there would be electromagnetism generated when an electric current flows through a coil of bare copper wire wrapped around a shiny iron bar. The iron bar would increase the strength of the magnetic field produced by acting as a magnetic core, enhancing the electromagnet's performance.

Is it possible for a comet with iron in it to pass through the sun's atmosphere and destroy it and how long would it take for the sun to be destroyed by it?

A comet would not have enough iron to affect the Sun in any measurable way. Even a Jupiter-sized planet made of iron would not stop solar activity. The production of iron by a star is an endothermic fusion reaction. Any mass of iron nearing the Sun would be vaporized, and whatever entered the solar interior would circulate for many hundreds of years before any could reach the core.

How does iron affect plants?

it makes your dean huge

Does radiation therapy affect iron levels?